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Label: Self released

Date: May 4th, 2021

It has long been known that the best way to introduce your band to the public is the live performance. I’ve seen so many great opening acts in my time. Even small bands that go on and headline their own small tours often prove to be awesome. Once you stand in front of them and they burst out with unstoppable force you just get hooked.

On the other hand, once you are hooked and raid the merchandise stand for all the possible music, it is rarely as good as what you felt during the show. More often than not, you are left disappointed.

So, what happens when the tables turn? Like they did with this live recording. I wasn’t familiar with Sterbhaus prior to spinning this record. And this is just a recording of their performance, so I’m devoid of the visual experience. Still, the advantages of “Necrostabbing” are the pristine sound and the fact that this is likely the “best of” selection of songs from their fourteen years long career. Thus, I think I have enough to properly judge the band.

Okay, I’m annoyed with the use of their native language in the introductions to the songs, though I can hardly blame them as they were playing their own “backyard”. However, as I notice more than a hint of dark humor in the lyrics and the said introductions, I must say it’s a shame I don’t know the language.

Luckily enough, I know the music. Sterbhaus practices their homemade melodic death metal of the elder school with a healthy dose of (Teutonic) thrash metal inserted. With such a mixture you can easily conclude what kind of explosive nuclear energy gets released through the speakers. The Swedes simply jump out at you leaving you sweaty, sore and aching all over. There’s this feeling I have that it is impossible to just stand and watch their performance. You need to jump, bang your head, scream at the top of your lungs, air guitar all the way and just have the best damn time imaginable at a metal show.

On a more technical level, Sterbhaus delivers quite catchy music, brimming with excellent riffs, pummeling rhythms and lyrics that are as raw and hateful as possible. Pure, unadulterated wrath is portrayed already from the song titles such as “Grudgeholder + Hatemonger” or “New Level of Malevolence”. The rest are following along the similar lines. And the music underneath paints a perfect picture for the blood-boiling poetry. Wherever you turn your ears, you get the sonic urge to destroy something. Or someone. Aggression reigns supreme throughout. “Necrostabbing” indeed.

Next up, as described in the opening of this review, is the quest to find some of Sterbhaus’ studio recordings. As I don’t have a merchandise stand anywhere near me, it might take some time. And boy do I wish not to be disappointed! But even if I do get disappointed, the first chance I get I will look to the front row of their show. Right then and there the good time is guaranteed.

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