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Label: Independent

Date: January 15th, 2023

For the end of our little Tour d’Africa we’re moving to the Kingdom of Morocco, where the Metal scene is one of the biggest on the whole continent. City we stayed in for a while (actually two reviews) is the most well-known from the cult melodrama movie with Humphrey Bogart. And after these words I’m sure most of you know very well what city I’m talking about, because I somehow can’t imagine you never heard at least a word about this movie. In its name you can recognize clear historic close connection with with the biggest land of Iberia Peninsula (by the way, there still three Spanish enclaves on north coast of Morocco) Anyways, Casablanca is the largest city of Morocco and that’s why there’s nothing strange in fact the most of bands has its bases just over there. One of them was created in the 2012 Thrillogy. Unfortunately no one, I mean any label showed interest and guys released all their stuff independently. “Uncompromised” is only the second full-length by Moroccans and its date of premiere was January 15th last year. But since it’s available on one of well-known platforms dedicated to spreading music I think this is very accurate to write this review, especially all, or at least the very most of us living in Europe, Americas and even Asia never heard before about the band. And if this review will help Thrillogy in becoming recognized, even in a minimal way, ensemble I’ll be happy as hell!

I found somewhere a description of what guys play, groove/thrash metal, and generally I can agree with that. Even if I somehow never liked the word “groove” in context of music. No, no… This is not because I’m an old-school and orthodox metalhead. I just guess this term says anything, is too broad. Besides, it’s in use since at least two decades and that’s why I’m not sure if its primary meaning is still on. By the way, “Uncompromised” contains ten songs and I’ll tell you what. They’re definitely worth your attention! You can find here real thrash metal with elements of another sub-genres of our beloved music, that’s mostly about death metal in its classic form. The evidence is a choice of covered bands, even if you listen to these covers of one of the creators of music like that and also some Polish ensemble from Krosno (R.I.P Vitek!!!) you need to dig a little deeper – they’re not on “Uncompromised”. Actually in every entire track you’ll find more or less clear elements or at least influences of such music and it takes all instruments. Well, this thrash isn’t maybe stricte old-school one, but at the same time you’ll be able to hear strong influences of first of all some American bands here. Another thing you’ll find here are guitar tricks here and there. Riffs are sharp and aggressive, bit also a little broken from time to time. I mean, in some songs they take place like that and in another ones quite often. I’d even risk thesis in “The Prophesy” they happen even very often. There happen really a lot in music and listening to this album is real pleasure, you’ll probably never be bored of it – just like me. I’ll tell you even more. With every listen I like this stuff more and more and discover something new. Tempo is variable, but in the middle, but guys know very well how to speed up. Vocal reminds me of some American band coming from Oakland who was always quite controversial one. I mean of course their oldest creatures – since they changed style I totally lost interest  in them, even if I never was a fan of Rob Flynn and company.

So, don’t wait any more and contact guys. Of course you can find this stuff online by yourself, but it’s not too easy considering they’re really streaming platforms. The fact is “Uncompromised” is available on probably the best known one dedicated only to spreading music, but I know not too many of you, in my opinion unfortunately, are like me and just love to dig deeper and deeper, discover new music on your own and so on. Or maybe I’m wrong?

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