Friday, April 12, 2024
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Label: Vacula Productions

Date: November 3rd, 2023

So, even if I didn’t plan it at all (to be honest my primary plan was to write three, maybe four reviews of bands from Latin America), let’s stay a bit in the capital of Uruguay. It probably can be something like “don’t shit man!” for you, but in Montevideo lives more or less 35% of the whole country’s population. So this is nothing strange in fact the very best part of metal scene is based right in this located in Atlantic city. By the way, this is not only about the Metal scene like that, but since this is the only important thing for us, then… As I wrote in my last review, Thy Dominion has quite a complicated history that started in the previous century.

Well, I actually mentioned this, the same like things about their discography. But in my opinion review is no place to write a whole biography and so on. This is about just reviewed stuff and that’s it – all other information is maybe not unnecessary, especially if this is the very first contact ever with the ensemble, but are still only curiosities. By the way, “Cadaver Idolatry” was released November 3rd by specialized in black metal Portuguese Vacula Productions. As far as I know there’s only a digital version of the stuff, but maybe it’ll change some beautiful day – what I’d personally love. Anyways, “Cadaver…” contains nine tracks taking a little more (four seconds) then thirty nine and an half minutes. I actually wrote a little about music guys play in review of “South American Unholy Trinity”, so now I need to go deeper in some details. But before I’ll do that I think I need to write once again there’s many elements and strong influences of death metal. I’m doing this just in case someone missed my last review.

And now some details I promised a few lines before. Of course I don’t have the ambition to describe every song and analyze every riff and so on. It was quite lazy and also took up too much space. I know we’re on the net and there’s no something like lack of space, but anyway… Well, this is a game I like very much. There’s dirt, darkness, madness, but also huge technique at the same time here. Riffs are somehow black and death at the same time, but it feels Black definitely. Anyways, they’re variable and broken, at least from time to time. There’s no place for some display, but you surely have a lot of quite sick melodies here. Drumming is in the most fast, but variable and you can even hear some passages (maybe not too complicated, but still…) or, what I really love, a lot of cymbals.Well, moments when they’re not in use are very rare, actually I doubt they’re such moments, but I always could miss something, so… Vocal is stricte black metal one. But this is any kind of screech, I’d call it scream, but you also have some fragments when you can hear a clean voice.

I actually can hear some touches of another then black and death sub-genres of metal. This is of course quite hard ro recognize, but for someone who listens to metal as many years as I do it’s nothing impossible to do it. Yeah, I really like such black metal! That’s dirt and thick like hellish tar, you feel in every cell of your body this darkness. But it absolutely doesn’t mean you listen to some all-songs-are-the-same album! It happens a lot in the creativity of our Uruguayan friends. Of course as I wrote before, not directly, but anyway… There’s no even sign of overgrowth of form over content. That’s why both so-called real fans of black metal and guys like me who just like to listen to such music from time to time (and are threatened like a BM traitor or scene’s parasite, poser by some of these really true fans) will find here something they love. And everyone should, in my opinion this is just a duty, check out “Cadaver Idolatry”! And I’m somehow sure you’ll fall in love with this stuff just like I did! The only thing I’m ashamed of is I discovered this horde right now and not earlier. But better late than never, isn’t it?

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