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Label: Self released

Date: October 31st, 2020

I’m not sure if these guys remember me. The fact is that I reviewed both of their previous releases. While the debut one showed real potential and creative capacity for greatness, the first album that followed failed to fulfill my expectations. I can recall the band’s gratitude for constructive criticism on that occasion. Not to blow my own horn, these facts only serve to prove that a band does not have to be filled with egoistic individuals that will start spewing shit towards the reviewer as soon as he / she doesn’t understand their “potential for stardom”. Face it people, not all of you have the ability to become the next Iron Maiden, Marduk or even Tyhjä.

This prolonged introduction only serves as my personal vent. Plus, I’m buying some time for this demo to spin a couple more times. Like I need an excuse for a piece of music that proves the statements from my previous reviews. Tyhjä is absolutely a band you should look to if you wish to experience black metal in all its glory.

To tell you the truth from the very beginning, these Finnish metalheads do not even attempt to conquer any new territories within the black metal genre. All of these songs are composed by using the basics. However, what separates Tyhjä from most of similar contemporary acts is their skill when it is needed to come up with new solutions for making black metal sound interesting. In other words, you did not hear these riffs million times before. You will not hear predictable arrangements. There is none of that “only blast-beats are real / trve / nekro” bullshit. This demo is layered beyond what most bands are displaying. Come to think of it, most bands could’ve made the entire album from what can be heard on these three songs. And sound as a third-rate Darkthrone clone in the process. Pay attention to guitars. Then to this creepy, crawling bass guitar, diversified drum patters, wrathful vocals… Any way you turn, you must be pleasantly surprised.

Put it all together, “Demo 2020” is fast paced and brutally fierce when it needs to be. It drags you down the grim, doomy corridors when it is necessary, without losing focus. It pounds you mercilessly when you deserve. It is packed, stacked and all that throughout the thirteen minutes of its duration. Think of Horna, Tyhjä’s countrymen, in their best moments. Yet again, do not assume this is a knock-off. It is not!

And now I will blow my own horn. It think an “I told you so” is in order here. So, yes, I told you so! I knew you had it in you and you guys came out with all guns blazing. Absolutely, in all regards, an excellent release!

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