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Label: Nuclear Blast

Date: September 23rd, 2022

So yeah, sometimes really there is only black. Black as a color, as a mood, as a situation. But when Venom is talking about something black we know it is good and very dark. I know this is not the real old Venom, but besides members there is more that tells me this actually is real Venom.

Many years ago the most dangerous band on Earth, the nightmare for parents and even for young Metalheads, but today is a “must listen to” band. You just can’t imagine someone listening to metal if he doesn’t know about Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer and, in my opinion, Venom. For those who maybe don’t know, Venom Inc. is a heavy metal band formed in 2015 by two out of three former members of old Venom. Demolition Man and Mantas are the ones who formed it and later the drummer War Machine joined them. They are popular because of its members and its name but let’s see are they maybe ready for retirement.

Venom Inc. prepared us a new album, their second so far. Heavy metal rhapsody, of course much stronger but less rough then their previous namesake band. The album has twelve songs, one by one a story for themselves. The first song, “How Many Can Die” opens the album with shredding melody. A short intro that gives us time to make our space for a moshpit and then full chaos.

“Come to Me” is my favorite song from the entire album. It has a lyric video in a very dark mode. It will be a special part of my playlist for Halloween. The song comes from the lowest parts of hell, of course.

So, by the lyrics and song names, I assumed that the main subject here is hell, Satan and those things that make casual people run away from a girl with a Venom t-shirt. That’s why I like it very much. Maybe each Venom (Venom or Venom Inc.) is among the most popular bands but these basic bands with real metal subjects are always a pleasure for me to listen. It reminds me of where I began and thanks to them we all know what is good to listen. It gives me a break from those bands with very long names of subgenres (Impaled Rectum from the movie “Heavy trip” is in my head right now).

“Tyrant” is also one of my favorites, especially because of the solo that totally isn’t in the style of Venom. It’s long and slow. The song will be a topnotch in the radio lists I am sure.

As I am going through the album further, I see that every other song isn’t as basic as the first two. “Don’t Feed Me Your Lies”, by lyrics and melody, is something I didn’t expect from them. It is chaotic, but in some special way. The lyrics here are much more important than music. This part of the album is more thrash than the first half and that is also one of the things that make this album special and not so common, “Venom-like”.

“Burn Liar Burn” is a break in the album but just in its first two minutes. After them comes chaos and drum thunder. A special applause for War Machine on drums that made a total blast and thunder here. Without his work this album would be totally different. Speed and different drum beats give every song its own identity.

“Rampant” and “Nine” are keeping this thrashing heavy side, still with rich guitar riff moments. Very similar songs but important entrance into “The Dance” which next to “Don’t Feed Me Your Lies” has some complex, not so Venom-like, melody. Breaks are just in place. The whole song is angry and with “Inferno”, the perfect closure for the album.

Hell biography is told in “Inferno”, a perfect song for the new anthem of Venom instead of “Nightmare”. One of the golden songs here. The audience will summon the demons with Venom Inc. once again, wherever they play.

The entire album is on fire, with just a few moments for break and one sip of beer between moshes. They surely explained us how to keep the attention of listeners and make hellish good music. Even though they are still new this is one old Venom’s child that hit puberty and gone mad, metaphorically speaking.

Cover design is weird. I can say it’s a black hole, but maybe not. It reminds me of those new metal cover arts. It can get you off the track. Next time I expect more for a design from Venom Inc. These guys prove they are still not for a chair and cozy nights in their houses. Retirement for them doesn’t exist but hell is waiting for them to take Lucifer’s throne chair. I am sure he also enjoyed the new album.


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