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Label: Deathrune Records

Date: July 18th, 2021

A few months ago I had a long conversation with my friend, in some kind of a house party, about music scene in general. My friend said that progressing and getting people to like music is a task of one modern metal band. I disagreed with that, in a heavy fight, of course. Knowing that today’s metal subgenres sound more like machines and robots with vocals that are just randomly screaming, being just old fashioned is more than important. Not because of my music taste or anything. More people would say: “What the hell do you know, you listen to flutes and violins of folk metal”. But it’s because of quality and sense of music. As a fan of that kind of older fashioned music…

I am glad to write a few lines for one new (to myself) death / thrash metal band from Chile, called Vomit. If we remember the metal gods such as Sepultura, Sarcofago, Violator and others from far away South America, being distracted from the west is a good thing, because Sepultura was the first who made a big revolution in thrash metal by adding ancient instruments and talking about Brazilian ancestors. Also, a lot of others who played concerts in South America said that they have never seen crowds that crazy like theirs.

Going by their footprints, Vomit made one good attempt to sound rougher and heavier than death / thrash metal bands today. Their new EP, “Deathlike Vomit” has an old fashioned vibe and its representation is solid. As a young band with one full-length, this is not that bad. But the fact is, they need to put a little bit of originality in their work. Here’s why.

First thing that caught my ear, after first listening, is that I had an impression that I am listening to one song over and over again. I know that thrash has a specific monotonous pattern of drumming but sometimes that’s too much. Every song has such a strong drum and bass line that everything else is in the background. There are no breaks, different riffs or anything.

Of course, thrash metal is one of the best genres for live concerts. I hope that Vomit has crazy moshes on their gigs. This kind of playing is good for moshes and all the craziness of metal concerts but nothing else.

As in everything bad, there is always something good. Fast guitar riffs made by Agonizer and Selpuchre are putting some colour to the songs. Solos in “Judge Death” and “Realm of the Goat” gave a little bit of musical melody to everything. That fading out system, when one of the guitars just appears for solo and disappears after its part is finished reminds me of Suicidal Angels.

Song that made a mark for me is “Carrion”. The only one that has everything I like. Clean vocals, not much soloing, good creative drum line and it sounds more like a hymn than a song. It has that vibe. You know that we all have that one song of some band everybody knows and that song simply must be played live. So, for Vomit I think that can be “Carrion”.

Vocals throughout the EP are rough and strong, but something that I like is that they are as clean as much as it is possible. I understand most of the words and I can hear experience in vocal technique.

Subject of “Deathlike Vomit” is everything that inspires them, I would say. Everything they can sing about in their own way. The name of the EP is “Deathlike vomit” and I don’t see what does it have to do with the songs but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Every song can be played individually, so it’s good for making set lists.

As a new band for me, my impressions are neither good nor bad, but I am glad they are not going on the road of new and modern metal bands. By watching descriptions of members of Vomit, I saw that all of them were part of many more bands, so they are not young musicians, I assume. Just, I hope, as the time will pass they will use that as their mark of old fashioned band in the thousands of others “twin thrash” bands.


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