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Label: Agonia Records

Date: November 25th, 2022

Well, my plans for writing reviews changed once again. I mean, plans about order. I’ll write reviews as well. But this is like that when the band who you like very much releases another in its history album. I know I should write what I’ll do now in the end, but somehow I don’t care about rules, actually never did it. And the thing I just have to say at the moment is: another really great album! Hope so you won’t stop reading this review at the moment thinking like “I just got to know the most important thing, so this is lack of time to read this scribble anymore”. Especially this fact you got to know this the most important thing in the beginning, but you still don’t know, at least the most of you as I suppose, what Witchmaster plays. Yeah, you know this is metal of course. But there’s many sub-genres of this music and even in respective sub-genre like for example death metal you have several styles to do. I mean, both Cannibal Corpse and Asphyx serve us death metal, but only someone who has tin ears can sit them identically. The same with thrash, black and so on there is.    

And let’s be honest, I didn’t mention just these sub-genres of our beloved music by any accident. Actually I think something like an accident doesn’t exist. Secondly it’d be at least strange if after all these years of my adventure with type machine and then word processor I didn’t know what I wanna write in review. Anyways, to describe Witchmaster’s creativity by terms you need figure all of them I used before I did it. I mean, our friends coming in the most (the only exception is Inferno) from Zielona Góra in Poland play a mix of black and thrash metal, even if you can find some touches of death metal as well. That’s why I always connected their music with some Brazilian legend, who existed in Belo Horizonte, but also in some points a legendary Oulu horde existing since 1990. Of course the Witchmaster has its own style, its own character. By the way, the songs are quite short here (the longest one, “Like Flies on Scum”, is about 3.19) and full of satanic anger, hate, blasphemy and destruction! It absolutely doesn’t mean this isn’t at the same time very interesting and technically advanced music we have to do here with. We even have some solos and so on from time to time – not in every track, but both guitars, drums and bass lines are variable and it happens a lot in every entire song. Of course, what is as clear as a day for me and actually even guess I don’t have to write this, technique serves to everything what in such music is the point. This album kick my ass totally and fuck me, not only my face, but all cells as well, up on pieces! Honestly, any full-length didn’t do it in such grade since very long time, even if every year there comes  up really many great albums.     

Well, maybe this is about the fact I have known Witchmaster since their first demo “Thrash ör Die” and I directly fell in love with them. In my opinion they never ever recorded some bad stuff. Just some of them are better than others, but still, even those, let’s say, a little less good, presented high enough quality. Anyways, it was definitely worth of waiting those long eight years for their new blasphemous child and I even dare say this is the best album in their history! Well, maybe it can be compared with two first albums as well. In the end I’d like to thank Agonia Records for their really great job and releasing such pearls! I’m, by the way, really happy it became a very good label, who releases stuff in all possible formats. And “Kaźń” is an example of that – this is out as a CD, tape, vinyl and, of course, digitally. So grab this fresh (date of birth is here 25th of November) masterpiece whatever format you prefer, even if I personally know maniacs who have several stuff in every format it came out and even more. Well, this is all that I wanted to write about this album. It isn’t very good news for me actually, because it means I need to leave “Kaźń” and start to listen to something else that I’ll review.

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