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Label: Grimm Distribution

Date: August 31st, 2020

Another offspring of the ever-controversial Israeli metal scene, Zed Destructive actually debuts with “Corroded by Darkness”. A full length record published on one of the most hyper-productive labels in the world. I have no clue if the conditions for performing extreme metal, or metal at all, have improved out there, but considering the all too modern production work on the record, one must assume that there are some forward movements with regards to civil liberties in Israel.

On the other hand, it might be that the band has moved abroad, as many before them have. I cannot say for sure.

Nevertheless, the country of origin shouldn’t be the key factor with evaluating music. Hence, I will stop now so I can focus on what really matters.

Zed Destructive, as I mentioned, is a debutant. However, from what I could gather, the musicians behind the name have some previous experience. Therefore, you can expect some serious musicianship and creative skills. Indeed, they are both present.

The official statements call on blackened death metal as the genre of choice. I can confirm. The foundation lays on death metal. Or rather a combination of old brutal death metal and more European melodic tendencies. These melodies are dark enough so as not to mellow down the overall sound. The feel is overly brutal throughout “Corroded by Darkness”. On the other hand, the technical side of musicianship is fairly respected. Thus, Zed Destructive dismisses raw or primitive aspects of the style. Forget connotations with Blasphemy, Revenge and their likes. The music this Israeli quartet performs is much better though through and executed to suit the more advanced audience.

By the way, the Deicide cover which ends the album is not quite the guidepost of where Zed Destructive takes you with their death metal side, though it does not stray completely aside.

Now, as far as the black metal influences go, they mostly boil down to the filling of this cake. Fragmentally blended and inserted into the death metal wrapping. Think of the cutting cold riffing of the later Immortal. Or, hell, think of Angelcorpse and their implementation of the two genres together.

Other thing that somewhat separates Zed Destructive from similar acts on the scene are the lyrical themes. Even if they do touch the subject of church and dogma in general, their viewpoint lays more on the social aspects of it than traditional smearing. At the same time, the primary focus of “Corroded by Darkness” is on decrepit society of today. Yes, there is more than enough evil, darkness, damnation, hell and all the other expected words being tossed around. Still, the band does not put too much emphasis on them.

Unfortunately, as there is not much to moan about with “Corroded by Darkness”, the album drags on for fifty-five minutes without sticking firmly to my memory. Spin it a number of times and still you are left with nothing. Okay, it is a debut and things certainly need to fall into place. Perhaps the second time around Zed Destructive will be able to deliver much more catchy tunes and make a distinct footprint on the swarmed scene. For now, it is decent. Only decent.

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