Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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I think this was the first underground concert that I attended after the COVID pandemic. I could not miss this concert since it was played by my dear friends from the band Kolac. Besides Kolac, bands Pustoš and Nula also performed.

The guys from the band Pustoš were the first to take the stage. It is a young black metal trio founded in the small city of Inđija. You can read a review of their debut album here. These guys play black metal inspired by bands such as Bathory, Mgla…

The peak of their performance was reached during the playing of the song “Pustoš“, when the first mosh pits started. The guys sound much better live than on their debut album and they gave the audience quite a good show.


Band Nula was the second one that performed that evening. Several friends have already mentioned this band to me and told good things about their releases, but I honestly wasn’t particularly impressed. Simply, sludge metal is not my cup of tea. Regardless of the fact that I’m not a fan of this sound, I have to admit that the guys from the band Nula played a rather killer performance and honestly shook the walls of the Fest club.

The last to take the stage were the guys from the band Kolac. I have been following this band since 2011 and I am very glad that I notice huge progress after each of their gigs. So was the case now, too. Kolac gave us 45 minutes of blasphemous, skull-crushing black metal which took the last atoms of strength from the audience that was active throughout the evening.

In addition to songs from previous releases, the band has added a new one to their set list, which will be found on the upcoming album. Judging by this song, we have a killer album from Kolac waiting for us. With this performance, Kolac once again showed why they are one of the most important bands on the Serbian black metal scene.

Everything was quite nicely organised, Mister Nikola from “Underground svirke Serbia” is a boss that is responsible for this event under the name “Prišest”. Everything started really on time, sound was good enough for club Fest, and we know how bad can that be sometimes, and three really good bands were there.

A good time, with a lot of people. I remember the moment Nikola approached me and said: “I can’t believe my eyes how many people came!?” Also, cookies he made for the audience were delicious and one good idea to make guests feel like home. So many different people and essentially three really different bands. My heart took Kolac on the first place by their performance and songs that can be sorted in the best black metal material that Serbia has next to The Stone. Moshes were crazy, only the walls could stop the crowd not to kill each other there. Evening was crazy, dark and super organised.  We would like more in the future. And more cookies of course.

Special thanks to Mister Nikola for the invitation for Abaddon Magazine and Mister Filip Olćan for photos that represented the magic of the concert.

Report written by: Anđela Milunović and Vidoje Murić

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