Thursday, May 30, 2024
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When you are of bad luck, it really follows you everywhere. It was weekend, my boyfriend came from another country to see me and, traditionally, it was raining. I swear, every time he comes it is raining and the moment he goes home, the sun is back.

I am not going out that much, student’s life you know, but a concert was the perfect occasion to have a good time. All day was really active and chaotic like a storm. You know that feeling, every time you go to some concert you imagine how it will be and who will be there. That’s what I did the whole day. My friend who was filming the show offered to drive us there, but, as I said, bad luck follows me so much that we couldn’t find a parking spot for half an hour.

Little bit nervous but with good expectations we approached the concert hall. We ran into a bunch of kids, little thrashers who were happy to see the most popular crossover thrash metal band from Serbia, Nadimač. Good vibe and a few beers made me happy until the concert began. Two out of four Abaddon Magazine crew members were in the concert. Me as a fan and a journalist and our dear Miloš Šebalj as a “girl” who was selling tickets and took care of merchandise. Without him and people who just start talking to him nothing on the most of the concerts would be the same. Some guy who is not a fan of thrash came to the show with a friend. He started to talk on Irish English and we were, of course, delighted. He said to us that he is not a fan of thrash but he was on the concert of Metallica in 1982. It was his last concert of the genre. He came for the Iron Maiden show that took our hearts a week ago and stayed in Belgrade. Those kinds of people you can meet only when Miloš is in your company. I swear, the guy is a magnet for them. I won’t talk much about the history of the band, songs etc. but you will imagine what I wanted to say.

First band that broke the ice was Toxic Trace, a generic thrash metal band that sounds really good and, on some level, they were preparing our ears for the night of hard sounds. It’s familiar that the first band is always the bad one but this time they broke that stupid tradition. There is nothing special to hear from them that caught my ear, but they sound like an old school band that held thousands of concerts.

Kids were already tired from moshes so they went out before Nothing Sacred came with a recipe for smashing awesome hardcore. I didn’t even notice how many people came ‘til Nadimač began to rule the stage. When the singer Mister Danilo Trbojević screamed to the microphone he blew the first row of audience away. Nadimač have a long history of thrashing and smashing through Europe during the twenty years they exist. Their name is really familiar in the metal circles. Members are die hard metalheads and even people who don’t like them know who they are. Their concerts always have a specific atmosphere, lyrics are based on social problems and jokes but more of the former. Those lyrics next to music make that specific atmosphere.

Audience is never the same because every new kid who starts to listen to metal will for sure hear about Nadimač. When they began to play the crowd in front went crazy. Moshes started and during the entire show no one was calm! How can someone be calm on this kind of concert, for the love of God?! They played their biggest hits and they really gave the last atom of energy. Pandemic made us and them really angry because we noticed that someone is messing with our heads so the show was like that. Angry, good aggressive and full of bitterness. People really missed Nadimač and their crazy gigs. Tons of sweat, beer, good mood but also with an aggressive touch that made one awesome show.

One thing that I will never understand, besides all the good sides of the show, is some other musicians that jump on the stage and steal someone’s show. Every time, in the previous months on many other concerts I’ve been, there is one person that does that. I won’t say his name with my honest respect but it’s more than obvious that he does this for self-promotion. Ok, we know you are a good musician but please don’t steal someone’s thunder all the time. It’s not necessary. You have your own band.

Of course, playlist, picture with a singer that night and a head full of impressions ended a long day of rain! After that everything went easier, even the rain stopped! That’s some mantra or spell Danilo from Nadimač told to the clouds, I am sure!

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