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Label: Independent

Date: August 1st, 2022

One of my favorite folk metal bands finally presented us their new music. It was a long time ago when „Пепел“(“Ashes”) was released so now is a perfect time to come up with something new.

I’ve been listening to Grai for a very long time now and I can freely say as a fan and reviewer this band next to Arkona is the best folk/pagan metal band from Russia. Their last show here in Serbia in club „Fest“ was in 2019. They were playing mostly songs from their last album and it was my first time to see and hear them live. It was such a good show, they shared the stage with a band Anabioz whose music I also respect. Since the pandemic, there wasn’t any musical voice from Grai except their documentary movie about their work. On their pages all over social media, we could only see old shows and songs.

A new EP called the “Марь”(“Mist”) has a reply as to why we waited so long for any Grai new material. The EP lasts around seventeen minutes. It’s a little bit short but three songs „Awake (Наяву)“, “Mist (Марь)“, and „With a Frozen Shroud (Мëрзлым саваном)“ after first listening were just enough. „Awake (Наяву)“ is an instrumental song – a mystic dark and calm melody that sounds like mermaid songs. Miss Irina Zybina(vocals) reminded us how talented she is at any kind of music to sing. I must say the sound and melodies from this EP are much richer, fulfilled and more creative than from „The Ashes“. It has a vibe of that album, especially the song „Mist (Марь)“. Guitar riffs sound so much better and more creative. Mister Ruzveld(guitars) did a great job here. The last song is something I didn’t expect. I know that Grai has a lot of songs with growl singing performed by male members of the band(bass player) but this time miss Irina Zybina screamed for Grai! Besides that song is kind of aggressive for the style of Grai but if you listen from their previous albums till the „Ashes“ – they changed the main vocal the style of Grai went darker and even more doom. Mystic melodies, effects, and flute of miss Aliya Leta are a remarkable part of their music. “Mist (Марь)” is one song that is played in the style of Grai but as I said, with much more interesting melodies.

The artwork is amazing and reminds me of Edwards Munch paint of „Madonna“…Colored in black it will be pretty for the T-shirt cover and CD cover. The new Grai EP is quite impressive and the only disadvantage is that it is maybe short as this review. Can’t wait to hear a new album, I hope it will be made soon. Also, Grai could come to Serbia once to play for us, we forgot a little bit about what is a good folk metal show.

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