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Label: Black Lion Records

Date: February 12th, 2021

This could really have been a phenomenal year for Swedish death metal had it not been for the untimely passing of Mr. Petrov. We’re not even a quarter into 2021, and there are already a number of excellent releases hailing from Sweden, or following the patterns set by the pillars of the genre.

Among the mentioned pillars, Ablaze My Sorrow delivers their fifth full length record to date. Speaking about their past and legacy would be redundant. On the other hand, the quintet has ever been something of a black sheep in the Swedish death metal family. Sound wise, that is.

It’s not that this album, like its predecessors, is lacking brutality or an overly melodic approach to creation, but the fact is that Ablaze My Sorrow is well-known for its darkened, melancholic side. Naturally, it is as present on “Among Ashes and Monoliths” as it was on “If Emotions Still Burn” or any other record by the Swedes. This side of the band, on occasion, drives their sound almost to the doom metal territory. Especially in the almost romantic moments of “Her Cold Embrace”. Coupled with exquisite performance of one Jonna Enckell.

Okay, I understand some death metal fans will find such “experiments” inexcusable. However, to me, this song is among the highlights of the record. And it doesn’t stand apart of the tracks that surround it. There is more than enough strength hidden within.

As for the rest of “Among Ashes and Monoliths”, it is crafted and executed to fit to all the standards. There really is nothing to complain about. Basically, this is a model piece of melodic death metal. Every note is well taken care of, placed to its natural position and fitted into this puzzle.

Sure, this might not be the best Ablaze My Sorrow has done so far, but it remains a work by a well-trained and experienced bunch. For such a long running band (intermission included), the Swedes can still impress by the mere lack of weak tracks, so-called fillers. Well, to tell the truth, there are not that many killers either. However, that should not deter anyone from giving the album a chance.

If it’s screaming your lungs out while listening to some powerful and emotional death metal that you are looking for, Ablaze My Sorrow have what you so desperately need.

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