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Label: Obscure Abhorrence Productions

Date: December 9th, 2020

In last few months of this world’s “doom atmosphere” because of the plague I couldn’t find a good black metal album to listen. House, books, snow or rain but there is one thing missing, black metal band with touch of synth sound of the 90’s.

Germany is the country that should be next to Scandinavia for the quality of black metal sound with lyrics in German language. One important thing that makes this album unique in black metal world is their synth sound that brings dark and occult atmosphere. Synth with drums make one harmony… Weird for black metal, I admit it, but pretty good combination bearable to listen often. Vocals are growing from hell itself starting from the first to last minute of album but voice is flooding through this devilish good instrumental. In some parts of the album I can hear influences of Naglfar and that is magnificent.

Intros are presentations of what is about to happen in a song and that’s making good effect really, I was properly scared and amazed by those screams. Probably Mephistopheles itself worked with the band on this album based on theme Auro is talking about. Insanely fast drums by Nefastus of Belphegor made me think that drum machine is playing in the background. For this genre is much important to have a fast and pure drum technique than a good growl, as it brings on quality.

I must stop on the last song “Unnahbar”. Acoustic guitar that is rounding the album is one nice surprise and something unique. Some would say that’s too soft but after previous nine songs of evil this is making good opposition.

Exploring the theme Auro is presenting us with here I concluded how far the metaphysics can go. According to the lyrics I’ve tried to understand they are showing all bad faces of this living world. It’s grotesque picture of everything that is going on around us, to transcendent flying between astral highs. To stop that, to exist normally till our last day we need a strong tool to break the agony and that’s Aura or the hammer. Very complicated philosophic explanation. But in a land of Cant and Niche I didn’t expect anything less. Cover photo with Ouroboros who is trying to eat a man symbolizes that there should be harmony and utopia in cosmos and humans mustn’t stand in its way to achieve utopia. We are one and only evil in this world and Auro is showing us not to take the central place in the Universe, it’s already in the stars how things are supposed to develop. Album is giving us a clever idea to think about and that’s much far and better from satanic themes we are used to listen in black metal.

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