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Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

Date: May 14th, 2021

Well, this turned out to be a bitter disappointment right at the start. Upon seeing I’ve got a new Dødsferd promo in my mailbox, I got extremely excited. Only to figure out it is a two track EP, clocking just under ten minutes. But do not worry, if you’re going for a CD version, you will be getting Dødsferd’s previous full length record as a bonus.

If you’re an attentive follower of underground black metal, you should be well aware of this band’s efforts and reputation. Though they were initially late for the Greek black metal bonanza of the ‘90s, they have proved within the last two decades that pure quality of the band’s output is enough to gain more than enough respect from the peers. Though there were struggles in the very beginning, the band did eventually find a strong footing on the scene and got a respectable status.

All that is once again on display with the two new tracks. Second wave black metal at its finest is the short description which has yet to fail. “Skotos” has all the necessary ingredients to succeed. Though fairly primitive in its foundation, the recording offers many intriguing details once you focus on it more profoundly.

It’s got that chilling atmosphere. And then some. It is clearly among the focal points of Dødsferd’s creation. However, what’s taken from primeval Scandinavia is enhanced by that unmistakeable Greek melody. With some carefully added dissonance of the contemporary black metal rulers, the band displays the capability to fuse the best bits of the genre into their own creation.

Now, I will have you pay special attention to the bass work on the release, as it is superbly presented in the final mix. What’s more, the instrument has gotten a well-deserved place as an equal when it comes to crafting the individual track’s creative force. It’s not something you get to hear all that often, especially in a genre that has taken its own borderlines and made them into its biggest enemy.

Finishing off, I need to mention the cover artwork for this EP. It immediately got me thinking of the old demo tapes and early seven inch records from back in the glory days. Raw, blasphemous, yet absolutely fitting “Skotos” and its overall feel.

As always, Transcending Obscurity Records has made it their business to offer enormous bundles with their releases. Browse through it and order what you find most suiting for your needs. There are tons of extra specials for the devoted. Well worth your money, trust me.


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