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Label: Self released

Date: December 2nd, 2022

When the story is about some modern metal band I am always sceptic about listening to it. Reasons are numberless. Some of them are my confusion. Am I listening to technical pop metal or too fast thrash or that music that sounds like it comes from the bottom of the barrel? I was too sceptic about Dosgamos, too but by listening to the album my opinion is divided.

Dosgamos is a pretty young band from Italy with an intention to be the fastest on Earth, I suppose. I don’t know how much good is that high adrenaline they are provoking with their music, but I felt it. On their album called “Wrapped Renaissance” I noticed many things. Really great influence of Machine Head, Lamb Of God and Slipknot. First I approve, but others not so much. Not many bands have the strength and wish to be like Lamb Of God but yeah, Dosgamos is on their way to it. Many young metalheads are really great fans. Especially from 2000’s and further.

I am not lying, I listened to some “modern metal”. Five Finger Death Punch, Black Veil Brides… I am not so proud of it because it’s definitely popular metal, but I did, can’t change or hide it. Fashion is changing, so metal does too. But I think even metal wants to get into the circles of popular music, like pop or t-rap. Some bands are just trying to fit in.

I know Dosgamos is just playing their music but maybe too popular for my ears. One more fact I like here in Dosgamos and about modern bands in general are pop clean vocals. I feel like I am listening to Justin Bieber. Okay, I get it, it’s part of the concept, but not so “metallish”, I must admit. Influences on the side for now.

The songs are really syncretic. They sound like someone is competing with themselves how fast and more complicated riffs they can play. It’s good to be in competition with yourself but sometimes that kind of music can be a burden for the ears. Too many solos, pentatonic whatsoever, but the positive side is it’s not boring at all. It’s definitely not my cup of tea but I will think about that later.

My impression after listening is that there are many more songs then those nine. One part of the song doesn’t even come close to the other part. I like that but, as I said, I can’t concentrate at all. I can’t even imagine how their concerts look but you definitely need focus to follow them. Maybe I am traditional but it is how it is.

Looking further, next to the melody, atmosphere of the album is in high tension. It’s somehow angry and made for perfect moshpits with duration of the entire song.

In bands of this genre, music actually is in main focus more than anything else because musicians really put effort to show us what they’ve got. I hope this doesn’t end here and their next album won’t sound like this. New moves are always a good option. Maybe this sounds like a bad review while you are reading it but I think it’s not. Dosgamos surely are people with experience in making good metal. Guitar riffs, drum bits and entire melodies are in high production, well combined but pop clean vocals are the main reason for my previous words.

Dosgamos score is they really made me listen to groove a little bit more in the future and maybe my opinion will change after that. For now, not too good, not too bad.


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