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Label: Doomentia Records

Date: September 22nd, 2023

The Czech tongue-breakers are back! Not that they were gone for too long. Or at all. And it’s not like there’s no trail of broken necks along with those in trouble to pronounce the band’s name. Exorcizphobia has established their status of thrash’s best kept secret years ago and their fourth full length record is another shot at major recognition. Since they’ve passed the pivotal obstacle known as “third album” with flying colors, I’m absolutely baffled that they aren’t signed to Napalm, Metal Blade or some label of similar status. Then again, Doomentia is not without some serious respect and it is confirmed with this pick from the pool of underground gems.

As for the Czech quartet, following up on a stellar achievement that is “Digitotality”, as well as its younger cousin “Friend of Lunacy”, must’ve been a task for the ages. Few can brag about being able to counter their best received album. Not to mention surpass it. Exorcizphobia seems to have grasped this necessity in full. First of all, with the sheer content of “Spiritual Exodus”. Seven tracks plus an instrumental with a weird name, exactly the same as on the predecessor.

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. The boys found a recipe and are sticking to it. It is usual for bands to follow a pattern they feel most comfortable with. However, it is also usual for them to engage in repetitiveness that leads to losing creative impact. And then there’s Exorcizphobia, whose catchiness is almost axiomatic by now. Bowing down to rules and regulations which made Exodus, Anthrax and Overkill as famous as they are, the Czechs hit the nail right on its head, in every aspect imaginable. This way, we are left with a collection of songs that stick to our brains for a long time. It really is that simple. Exorcizphobia is nowhere near reinventing the genre. In fact, I believe they steer as clear as possible from any and all innovations. Yet, by doing exactly that, the band is handing out lessons in using the long existing postulates of thrash to a word and still sounding like they’ve just invented it from scratch.

Powerfully asserting their dominance over the listener, Exorcizphobia demonstrates a creative stability that keeps them fresh and forceful time and time again. It is proven with “Spiritual Exodus” that a band can be old school and law abiding, but at the same time a composing mega force picking up the pieces of fallen heroes of the eighties.

Basically, the album hands out seven songs of guitar hooks, original rhythmical tricks to help you headbang correctly and nice, catchy choruses one can easily singalong to. Especially once you figure out the lyrics which are neatly versed and aimed at opposing those in power with as much force as can be gathered. Plus, there’s that closing instrumental which is a peculiar seven-minute beast leaning on the legacy of “Orion” or “The Call of Ktulu” but, again, composed with skill rarely found in thrash metal bands originated in 21st century.

All in all, Exorcizphobia ladies and gentlemen! Don’t allow yourself a mistake of missing out on them.


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