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Label: Nuclear Blast

Date: February 5th, 2021

Waiting for the new Korpiklaani to be released I was listening to older albums just to remind myself of energy and ability of this band. A lot of people know about “Vodka”, “Happy little boozer” and “Beer beer”, yeah, it’s catchy to everyone with booze in hand and in a very good mood. Also when you hear folk metal you hear Korpiklaani too. Fans will know what I am talking about.

If you are used to them as real folk metal this album will not disappoint you at all, but it’s much more calm and folky that I was even surprised. Every song is a story for itself musically and that’s amazing. Yeah, there is a Korpiklaani vibe but much more mature sound and, of course, a new member who is pretty remarkable good drummer.

As a dancer I can tell you that songs as “Leväluhta” and “Niemi” deserve even a choreography. Imagining how will it go I already see some folklore dance ensemble dancing to this in a video. Violins impressed me as always, in every song different melody. Big breaks with accordion bringing together Gipsy and Celtic elements to make one unique combination. Definitely the best thing about this new album. I’ve heard it earlier that’s trademark of those music giants but this high level of virtuosity came to the light of a day.

“Sanaton maa” is the song that literally makes me imagine Finland in all its glory. Also the story behind the song is a folktale about a blacksmith and his younger helper who wanted to know something about the secrets of a river, but the legend about that magical place wasn’t at all pretty.

Lyrics are as usual, based on folk tales with five beautiful music videos. I didn’t expect anything less.

“Kiuru” is the song where I saw a great potential of the new drummer. I am not the listener who focuses on drums but Mr. Samuli Mikkonen promises a lot. It’s impossible not to catch a refreshment in the sound.

As a band very popular among folk metal bangers, imagine their appearance with a few new songs from “Jylhä“ on some festival, no one would respect rules about Covid19 physical distance and stuff, myself first. Simply, music of these Finns is made for people to have fun all together as one big tribe. It’s the best effect their songs make.

I don’t exactly know what that is about them but whatever Korpiklaani plays it sounds perfectly good. Production, sure right but not a lot of bands have this inspirable music and energy as like as them. In my playlist they are in the top three of the most listened. When I put all my impressions together, “Jylhä“ is one musically grown up album with the old classical Korpiklaani sound. They used the lockdowns to work on themselves and it paid off. We have one more masterpiece.

Korpiklaani is much more than a band. They are an example of beautiful promotion of their own land, folk music, tales and language in the dress of metal and great musicians. I hope after the plague they will again show us the meaning of a good show with a lot of beer and dance.

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