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Label: Iron Shield Records

Date: February 18th 2022

If you receive a package of five or more promo albums, you need to make a selection somehow, which album you will review at first. Unpacking the promo I received from the label this time, one specifically attracted my attention. Ghost Rider like album cover won this time. Also, if the band is named after one of the greatest thrash metal bands song Exodus, shall we debate whether those guys know thrash metal or not.

Lesson in Violence are the proud owners not only of great art cover but also what is inside. From Schweinfurt, Bavaria, comes thrash metal band, as you might conclude from the band name, oriented to the Bay Area. And what else to say? 

This is a great lesson on how to play pure thrash metal from your heart. Although the band is formed in 2019, in their straight from the heart approach you would never say you are dealing with a young inexperienced band. On the contrary, those guys breathe, feel and live traditional thrash metal.

“Thrash is all I need until death do us part
music must explode and roar, fast and hard
violence in music … and nowhere else
no one needs boring stuff, metal health.”

Aggressive, fast and brutal, Lesson in Violence does not give you any chance to take a breath.

Eleven songs packed in around forty minutes will pass in a blink of an eye. From the first song “Lost in Yourself” till last one “Lesson in Violence” the band will not leave you any space to take rest. Maybe the best definition of the music they are playing is held in the following lyrics:

“New generation is at hand,
bring back the noise, we shall command,
what once was, now is to reign,
thrash upon all times or die in vain.”

As I might wrote, or just thought about it, if the band has what is the essence of the genre, there is no need to write a lot about the album. Forty minutes in a few words and the best recommendation: if you like Metallica, Exodus or Death Angel, you have learned the lesson. Now repeat it listening Lesson in Violence – “The Thrashfall of Mankind”.

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