Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Label: Suretone Records

Date: October 31st, 2021

Nu metal seems to have offered all its best in the early 2000s, as to date no new band has emerged and achieved at least half the success achieved by Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Korn, Papa Roach, or Slipknot. The flame of Nu-metal obviously has to be maintained by already established bands, so in the next period, new releases of bands Papa Roach, Korn, Slipknot are expected, and Limp Bizkit are the first ones that brought new material. After 10 years of break, Limp Bizkit is returning with a new record titled “Still Sucks”. So let’s see what new has to offer this crew from Jacksonville.

The album opens with “Out of style” which reminds of the best days of this band. The same goes for the next “Dirty Rotten Bizkit”. What particularly impressed me was the fact that Fred Durst voice sounds like he’s still 25 years old. The tempo is slowed down by “Dad Vibes”, the first single from the new album that has appeared. Very interesting, catchy, and fun song. “Don’t Change” is a cover of the band INXS and tries to reach the size of “Behind Blue Eyes” but the end result is one quite average track. “Love The Hate” is, in my opinion, a completely useless song. Here, the band “deals” with haters or former fans. I’ll be honest, this is totally childish to me that someone in their 50s is dealing with the band’s haters. The bitter taste manages to fix the next one “Barnacle” which seems to be a tribute to Nirvana. “Empty Hole” is another acoustic track on the album and it’s far below average. At “Pill Popper” the band is brutally confronted with the pharmaceutical industry. A great song that will probably be part of the setlist (if pharmacists and doctors “allow” us to return to normal). “Snacky Poo” is a classic hip-hop song, and I have to admit it didn’t leave any particular impression on me. The acoustic/pop song “Goodby” closes the album and is one of those that are completely unnecessary.

“Still Sucks” is an album that contains several great songs, a few mediocre ones, and a few completely unnecessary ones. People who hated the band got another reason to hate it. Old fans of the band will find a few songs that will be a part of their personal Limp Bizkit playlist. Considering the fact that we waited for a new record from Limp Bizkit for 10 years, I expected more. Still, I hope we won’t wait another 10 years for a new Limp Bizkit album because it’s obvious that this band can still offer something good.

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