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Label: Nigra Mors Productions / Loita Underground

Date: March 2nd, 2022

Once again, I find myself in Galiza, that westernmost region of Spain. And, once again, my speakers are abducted by a couple of men I’m lucky to call friends! Whether or not I will be objective in this review is for you to decide. Shall you give them a chance, or not? That’s not my decision. I did and here’s what I’ve found.

Both bands on this limited CD offer two songs. Both bands offer a glimpse into the dark side of musical spectrum. Doom metal might be a common denominator, but with a different perspective from one band to another.

Nados Na Escuridade lurks in the shadow of Black Sabbath. Musically, that is. Guitars in particular stem from the massive tree trunk planted by Tony Iommi. It is easily noticeable. Meanwhile, the vocals are differentiating. The harsh voice I’ve grown accustomed to in Xerión are here as well. A bit of a crusty sound keeps to both mentioned sides of this band and sort of links them together. It might be a bit too much to dub Nados Na Escuridade a doom / black metal band, but it might help out with the description. Obviously, the band is much more lenient to the doom side. Especially to stoner doom which is the most connected with the original Sabbath ideas.

A slight remark from my side would be that I would much rather have one more “regular” song, instead of the six minute long ambient outro. But okay, the one song that is present has interesting passages, correct atmosphere and shows clearly what is to expect from Nados Na Escuridade, should it keep to the same recipe in the future.

As for Esquizofrenia Paranoide, having listened to the two tracks on this split release, I believe the band’s name says it all. Paranoid Schizophrenia. At least when it comes to descriptive intentions of the band.

By the way, the band is active for almost a decade now and this output shows an already established sound they are going for. However, the sound in question is one that is a bit harder to describe. Sludge doom that is mentioned in the info sheet is just a short version. A sort of a cocoon in which there lies a couple of extraordinary side effects.

For instance, there are certain traces of death / doom within the two tracks. Funeral doom, as well. Again, crust as a form of keeping the feel of a hoarse voice of the decaying mental health. Some, but not too apparent, Sabbath influence. The best of doom metal, in short. I was almost excited to hear how will they manage to fit a sentimental violin in there. But they didn’t. Understandable though, since it does not have a place in the picture Esquizofrenia Paranoide is painting.

In any case, the band is successful in melting all those differing styles into one. Original or not so much? I’m not in a position to say, since I’m not quite experienced in the genre. Not enough, at least. It does sound intriguing.

I must say though, that the vocals might detract some people from this band. They are on the level with the theme of the band, which I guess was the sole purpose, but they certainly won’t fit to everyone’s ears.

And neither will this CD, as a whole. Less important, for sure. However, on the slumber side of music, this is a fine release. For the connoisseurs of fine wine, delightful dine and candlelit inner cryin’.


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