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Label: Pure Steel Records

Date: September 24th, 2021

Does anybody out there know of a person called Danko Jones? You should and if you don’t go out and hear what he and his band have to say! Take it all in before you go on reading.

Done? Okay, now let’s move on.

Take Danko Jones and imagine the following scene. He takes a bunch of steroids and goes to a gym for a few months. While there, he meets some New York hardcore enthusiasts and grabs a couple of Agnostic Front tapes. New releases, no raw oldies.

He then meets up with three of his friends and they head out to the dirtiest bar in Antwerp. Just to relax and unwind. However, a few shots in, a shady fella comes over and slips them a couple of uppers. Taking it all in, the trouble starts to unfold. A bunch of up-to-no-good blondes are hanging in the corner of the bar, waiting for their biker boyfriends to come over. Ignorant of the fact, the quartet goes over to say hi. Few minutes later, they’re lined up at the filthy bathroom doing the nasty with them when the bikers show up, long haired, bearded, greasy and pumped-up just about enough to send someone straight to hell.

Laughing like crazy, Rebel’s End run out, wankers bouncing left and right, in their upright positions. Intoxicated beyond belief, they stumble, noses to the stage monitors. Having seen their way out of this mess, they grab the instruments from the stunned cheesy tribute band performing “I Was Made for Loving You” and go with the flow. Harder, faster, lighting the amps and speakers until the heavy metal melts like Terminator.

Bikers’ jaws drop to the floor, just to get stuck to the beer spilled last night. Girls just had their panties pulled up when they get the aching need to let them slip back down.

Having seen and enjoyed such a reception, Rebel’s End went on to record two albums (so far) and rock as hard as a rock.

Oh wait! I forgot about Danko Jones! Well, on a more serious note, that’s one of the influences for Rebel’s End. Another one might be Skid Row (the heavy metal side of them). A pinch of that old school hardcore is felt, but not too obvious.

Conclusion is quite simple. Rock hard heavy metal at its finest! Absolute recommendation!

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