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Date: November 28th, 2022

Label: Independent

In the past 10 years neofolk ambient music has been really popular. I think that began with the series Vikings or should I say Ragnar Lothbrok saga. That series was so perfect, so they woke up to one old culture and conquered the world without words.

Millions of boys and girls were really inspired by this show. Norway with its own nature invites you to act like a real Viking and listen to music inspired by Scandinavian culture. Tattoos, braids, jewelry, talismans came to the modern world to show us how rich old culture this nation had. As a great fan of medieval times and their early nations I admire Vikings as conquers and one of the most modern people in their times. There all inspiration and something that will be forever written in the history of music is ambient Nordic music.

Starting with the Wardruna over Danheimt through Heilung was made a world popular musical and cultural attraction. My opinion is that not so many people can make this music. Okay they can be inspired to be fans of it but real Viking vibe is rare. Now under my journalist ink is one brand one-man project called Skogarmorar with its album “The Croom Saga’s”.

When ambient folk is under observation everything is important it should be at least. Skogarmaor is maybe totally new but not with so many mistakes of beginners actually. The name we already hear in Vikings weno what he did but there is real meaning of this on Old Norse. Skogarmaor in literal translation is man of the forest which is totally connected with the subject of this project presenting us in its own way. You really should be a man of the forest to be connected to nature to feel your environment and be inspired by it. “The Croom Saga’s” is an album with the subject of a boy who should pass through some life test to become king. It starts with “The Ale Tale” with some flutes and discrete sounds of horses in the background. Through almost every song there is narration like a little preview or as a part of some important God’s voice. Here in “The Ale Tale” is actually an explanation why this album exists at all and immediately begins with the second song “Midgard Musings”. Through every song many instruments were used, sounds of different animals to describe what the creator wanted to say. Flouts, cantle, drums are present the most and of course tangle harp. Mister Einar from Wardruna Cours plays it we can hear the most on their last album. A I assume Skogarmaor was inspired by it. But I think they sound the most like Danheim in their first albums. My favorite Viking neofolk project is Danheim so yeah, dark, with a warm vibe, tribal music is the best description. As we are going further through the album it sounds more intense and darker then on its beginning. First born son and the mighty one were making me really anxious. That’s because the story alone and also war drums make the scariest atmosphere. Vikings without wolves won’t be Vikings so my favorite song here is “Wolves of Odin”, one really and song that should reveal the appearance of Odin and his wolves, nothing would be the same without real wolf howling in the background. It gives a special video of the song. Narration is present almost till the end as a prophecy and fascinates me. “Valhalla Kallar á Mig” is the song that closes “The Croom Saga’s”. It’s an absolutely stunning, calm and real ambient song with a beautiful female voice. Miss sounds like an elf queen, her voice fitting perfectly in melody behind. Album is fitting in the genre of neofolk ambient music. I assume there will be a second part of the saga and also more music from Skogarmaor.

Cover photo is definitely Viking like with runes and perhaps Odin with his wolf by the fire. Its beautiful design, it looks like those old graphics made by some alchemist or war storyteller. One of the rare examples these days is that even if you are not living in medieval times, you can make a real Viking journey through instruments in modern times and maybe someday become another Wardruna.

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