Friday, June 21, 2024
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Recently we had a chance to review the debut album of a brutal death metal band from Iran – Bloody Sadism. The album that got pretty good reviews in many different webzines/magazines, so we decided to do an interview with the band and introduce them to our readers.

Hello Pooyan Ahmadi, how are you? How are you living in these pandemic times? What is the current situation in your country regarding COVID?
Hello, Thanks I’m good… These days are so boring and full of stress… I should work and make money. We try to fight with this damn virus just like the other countries.

You started with Bloody Sadism in 2014. What were your goals when you started the band? What were your main influences?
I was always looking for a new way to say my opinion about different subjects so when I was in the first year of the university, I decided to start this band.
My main influences are bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel but I endeavor to do things with my own signature.

I’ve read that you played in more than 30 bands. What kind of genres were you playing with those bands? Besides Bloody Sadism, are you playing in any other band currently?
I started my career in 2009 with Pop bands and Classical bands then, when I was 18, I started to play with Rock & Metal bands and I’ve collaborated with 13 Rock or metal bands and about 15 Pop bands (Singers) and 5 Classical Bands.
I have another band called “Depreciation” and I work with bands in different styles.

Your debut album “Eloquent Atrocity” got pretty good reviews in many webzines/magazines, so I suppose that you are really satisfied with the final result. Since Bloody Sadism is one-man band, could you describe the process of recording the album?
Yeah, I’ve got many great reviews, supportive messages, positive vibes from around the world and I’m happy about that but I’m not surprised because I’ve tried to do my own style, be a real man… I think the world praises originality.
You know, in Iran we have a few bands that they’re trying to be real, limited and special but many of them trying to be a high-copy of the other bands although they’re not a goddamn copy of a shit. For example, two bands choose the wrong way to be famous and they released fake & imaginary news about bullshit and they’ve been a success.
they don’t dare to face the truth that they’re really stupid and amateur and it’s a foolish way but see, most of the people are looking for rumor news and they don’t look for reality so let them be the magazine’s puppets.
History will judge us…

I compose, arrange, lyrics, all instrumentals in my own band.
I record the lines one by one then I record the vocals.

Is it hard to have a one-man band? Are you planning to make Bloody Sadism a full line-up band?
No I’m ok and rather to be alone and I don’t see a full line-up in Bloody Sadism’s future at this moment.

“Eloquent Atrocity” is a concept album, am I right? Could you tell us a little bit about the story?
Exactly! it’s a kind of concept album.
Actually, it’s about a serial killer (a psychopath or whatever negative you can call it for yourself) who is living all alone in his own place and he has imaginations about different issues but he just says about his opinion about the threads and he doesn’t kill anybody… Just on his mind…
He says about misogyny, drugs, sexual sadism, torture and etc.

First track as you’ve listened he goes to the bathroom and after that, the brutality begins.
All of the tracks, I mean the second track to the end of the seventh track are about his ideas and what he did to the people ( In his mind) and from track eight, he’s going to be changed and track nine is about the regret and depression about bad things he did and ideas. Then he dies in the last track.

Could you tell us something more about the situation in Iran regarding the metal scene? How do you get CD’s, is it possible to organize concerts etc.?
We have no official scene and we don’t have a music market at all (for metal music) and we can’t buy metal CDs and etc… For example, I’ve didn’t reach my own CDs from the label that I signed with them. we download the other band’s albums from around the world.

What can you say about the metal scene in Iran? How is it like to be a metalhead in Iran?
As I mentioned in my previous interviews, there’s no scene and it’s not easy to be a metalhead in Iran like the other countries.

Pooyan, thanks a lot for your time. All the best to you and your band! Feel free to add the last lines of this interview.
Thanks to fans for their supports from around the world!
Support the real bands and underground music!


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