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Date: April 7th, 2023

Label: Armée de la Mort Records

One of Algeria’s eastern neighbor-lands isTunisia. It’s not a very huge country, but the metal scene over there is relatively big(bigger than in Algeria where more or less four times more people live). I’m not sure, but probably this is one of the biggest ones on the whole continent. Of course the most of ensembles comes from Tunis, but it’s not like that in caseof Ayyur whose place of origin (and headquarter) is third the most populous city of the country – Sousse. It has a long and very interesting history with roots in the deep ancient era, as Tunisia.  By the way, the band was formed in 2007 and has of course several releases, but the truth is “Prevail” is their first full-length ever. But this is available both online and as a limited edition on CD. Its premiere took place more than one year ago, on April 7th, last year. And I tell you what. This stuff is really worth having it on your shelf or at  least a computer.      

This is like that especially if you’re a fan of atmospheric in its principle meaning black metal. And it doesn’t matter if you listen to this sub-genre of our beloved music whole the time or, just like me, only from time to time. Everything’s beginning from dark and even ambiental most two and a half minute long intro which’s the integral part of the first song entitled “Pillars”. Anyways, in general music is slow, even calm in some way tempo with some majestic and even a little cosmic in the same time feeling as well. But I’m not sure if the word funeral is accurate here, but you can surely feel a lot of darkness during consumption of this album. By the way, some shivers run down my back quite often as I listen to this stuff and that’s a good sign, a sign showing guys do their job right. The only exception is “The High Throne” where guys show their claws and play something that can be called typical, even if I actually hate that word in this context, Norwegian black art. But even here you have some fragments, and their not accident and short, of what music of Ayyuris about. In general the creativity of Angra Manyu and Shaxul is, especially as one genre they play, very developed and it happens really a lot when it takes technique and some touches. Well, riffs aren’t sophisticated as hell, don’t change too often and so on, but hey… This is black metal and it means there are other rules than in death, thrash or power metal! Besides, especially in this kind of sub-genre of our beloved music there’s no place for some guitar tricks and stuff. I mean, in music like that that’s something else that does matter and it’s more about feelings, both of musicians and listeners, and technique skills just must be hidden here, serve a primary purpose, doesn’t it? But at the same time if you listen to “Prevail” carefully, you surely recognize very interesting touches here and there. The same is about Shaxul’s drumming. You’ll of course not find here some complicated passages or pursuit of your own shadow, if you know what I mean. But what I like is as huge as music’s common character needs it using cymbals.     

Just like I mentioned before in black metal feelings play huge, actually the most important, role. That’s why reviewing this genre isn’t as easy as pie in my opinion. I mean, the reception of such work is a very individual matter and it makes it so you don’t have to have the same one like I do. But I ‘m sure you definitely should try this stuff as quickly as possible! One more thing I’m sure about is that you’ll not be dissapointed. Well, I guess that’ll be even the contrary! I’ll for sure go back to this album from time to time. You know, it’s not music you are always in the right mood for, of course if you’re my kind, but when you get this then you’ll enjoy this stuff a lot. Anyways, if you wanna have a physical copy of this, then you must be quick or you’ll fall! There’re still some copies of both CDs, cassettes and even vinyls, but there’s not too much of them. Price of vinyl is maybe quite high, but as I know lovers of them aren’t skin flints when it comes to spending money on music.     


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