Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Label: Napalm Records

Date: April 23rd, 2021

Have I ever told how much I love a good soap opera? Of course not, since I do hate them to bits. Especially in metal. Even if this one has a tragic ending, rather than a happy one.

I’m also not writing these lines so that I may praise the first, and likely the last, recording by Bodom After Midnight. I’ve given it a few spins and it is Children Of Bodom spin-off as you have all expected. Well, later stages of the band, when all the magic of hit making has gone and been replaced with a bunch of unnecessary fillers. Yes, the best song on this EP is the Dissection cover. Though I still prefer the original.

What I’m doing here is misusing the pages of this fine establishment, which is Abaddon Magazine, for a short banter. It’s about the fans and the respect, or lack thereof, you give them.

Seven and a half years ago, I was one among maybe ten (no, not ten thousand, not thousand, not even a hundred, just ten (10) fans waiting on a chill November night after the Children Of Bodom gig in Belgrade. Their first and only one held at my state’s capital. I was there, holding a bunch of CDs, hoping to get them signed, when the quintet marched out of the venue, past all of us and straight into the van, with some shitty excuse about how they don’t have enough time, they are in a rush, etc.

Let me translate into what I’ve heard. “Sorry guys, we don’t give a flying, we don’t give a flying, we don’t give a flying fuck”. Other translations may include sentences like: “We can’t be bothered”; “Unless there’s a camera rolling, we’re just a bunch of assholes”; and my personal favorite: “We just sign and take pictures with fans when we’re paid extra for it”.

So, long story short, get this EP, or don’t. This time, I don’t give a flying, I don’t give a flying, I don’t give a flying fuck! I will not go anywhere near it. Fuck them!

As far as taking pride in the so called HateCrew is concerned, I find myself the one member that actually hates this crew.

By the way, the preorders are open for the massive Dissection box set. It will contain 19 (!!!) tapes, huge booklet with photos, a metal pin, two patches, a back patch, a flag, four posters and a hand numbered certificate in a gloriously looking box. It will be published by Darkness Shall Rise Productions. It has a hefty price tag, but I believe it is well worth it.

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