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Label: Petrichor

Date: August 13th, 2021

I do consider myself lucky sometimes. It was pure luck that had me witnessing one of the last shows Czech masters of blackened death metal Avenger ever performed. Or was it the will of the underground gods (or rather one particular Serbian underground god)? Whatever the case may be, this sad occasion turned out to be a happy one.

A new life through death emerged.

I was also among the lucky ones who witnessed one of the first live appearances of Bohemyst. On that very occasion I’ve picked up a demo of what was to become “Čerň A Smrt”.

It’s been a couple of years since then. However, it takes just a short earful of this record to be absolutely sure that these guys wasted no time.

Simply put, this is a masterpiece!

To put things into perspective, on the debut full length record Bohemyst justifies the name change. The transformation Avenger has been going through on their last records is therefore completed. In short, “Čerň A Smrt” preserves the legacy but takes it to a whole new level.

The album remains on the trail of dark and blackened death metal, solidified by these guys in the decades that were. However, the sheer mastery of creation is at full swing here. Along with fresh elements inserted to deepen the impact these forty-six minutes must have on each and every listener.

The record is extremely brutal, even if its obvious goal is atmosphere. Atmosphere through brutality is not such a regular occurrence. And it is certainly not easily achieved. But on “Čerň A Smrt” it just hits the exact spot it aims to.

The album paints the solemn picture of impenetrable darkness with as many colors as possible. That’s another feat which might seem illogical, but… Bohemyst is clearly at the peak of their imagination. One can just wonder about what will be the next step if the debut (of sorts) goes to such heights. Perhaps the final track, “Zvrácenosti Zvědavosti” is a clue. If it is, then we’re in for yet another treat. If not, I’m still fairly certain it will not leave anybody disappointed.

The quintet even goes so far as to implement some local folklore into the whole. Subtle, yet leaving an impression of ever sunless deep forests of Bohemia where even the air you breathe is heavy, thick and sticking to your lungs like superglue.

Brutally melodic, atmospherically heavy, deadly playful and utterly superb at the same time. All the contradictions laden into one explosive mix. Bohemyst is finally here, its power on full display waiting for the world to dive in. Not just recommended but a definite must have if ever there was one!

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