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Label: Self released

Date: September 4th, 2020

Scream, broken glass… For a moment I have thought I put the wrong album, but from the first guitar riff it was clear I am not listening to Powerwolf’s “Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend”, but Cobra Spell. Besides the beautiful album cover (naked girl on the bed in front of venomous cobra), the band has the beautiful story behind. In the summer of (not 69) 2019, Sonia Nusselder, maybe the best known as being a part of Burning Witches and Sebastian “Spyder” Silva, Mexican guitarist who worked with numerous bands (Alpha Viper, Arachnid, Excruciator, Idle Hands, Leathürbitch, Silver Talon, Lucifer’s Child…) decided to join the forces and start own band. Now, imagine being at their place, at the beginning of the new project, and all of the sudden you meet Alice Cooper who is telling you to follow your dreams. What a wind in the back! Bite the opportunity, create your future!

Besides those two brainiacs, Alex Panza joined the band as vocalist, Angelina Vehera on bass and Mike “Lucas” Verhof on drums. Two girls and three guys, whatever you expect to hear is everything but not the 80’s hard rock spiced with glam metal and heavy rock, right?

The album vibe, including the band’s stage appearance (make up, black leather, hair style) leads this team to the period when maybe they were not even in their parent’s plans, when they might headbanging on Spinal Tap’s, Vixen’s, Cinderella’s, Dokken’s, Skid Row’s, Mötley Crüe’s or W.A.S.P.’s shows. The only modern element, if we even can think about the video presentation as the part of the album, is their lyric video for “Poison Bite”. 

The mid tempo is perfect for the path they have chosen. Lovable, joyful and super catchy melodies with prominent choruses and nostalgic vocals are the highlight of the album. In only four songs youngsters showed they can create the music some older bands should be ashamed of and I think of those who are touring and having not a one single in a past 20 years, read: live under the parole – fame I’m gonna live forever. The most important is the love and passion involved in each note and word Cobra Spell delivered.

Album opener, “Come on Tonight”, besides the scream and broken glass (maybe mirror) already mentioned with the first guitar riff goes in the direction of “Rock You Like a Hurricane” (Scorpions), but as soon as vocals are involved… Love at first bite! I have no idea if they even have on their minds the bands like Cinderella, Ratt or Pussycat while writing this song, but the influence is obvious. 

“Poison Bite” bites you with magnificent guitar solos, catchy melody and great energy. All you need is a bike and a wind in your hair, the open road…. Absolute favorite! This song goes in the direction of early W.A.S.P. / Judas Priest. The most infectious lyrics/chorus on this EP belong to this song as well as the guitar solo.

In the darkest night, I run free,
It’s the poison bite that will bring you to your knees,
In the mooning light I feel free,
It’s the poison bite you’re caught in lunacy…

When the song is entitled “Love Venom”, it immediately connotes you to ballad, right? Ballad it is! For some weird reason I am most impressed by the pronunciation of the word venom. 

When you hear the next one, “Shake Me”, if you don’t recall Mötley Crüe’s “Dr. Feelgood” then you are at the wrong page and you missed the brilliant period of metal history. This song irresistibly recalls glam metal, not only its melody but also a  vocal interpretation. 

The “risk” Cobra Spell took to play cheesy, sleazy music with cliché lyrics in 2020 paid off. Brilliant debut EP. The cobra bit me, its venom poisoned me with love… Love for this fresh blood. If you never had the desire to dance, now you will. 

Thank you guys, you made me blow dust off my 80’s album collection and bring myself back to careless period of my life. It is the right time to take the spandex out of the closet, steal grandma’s hairspray and let the blood boils!



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