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Label: Independent

Date: June 18th, 2023

And now time to move (even though we still stay in Latin America) to pure terra incognita when it takes the metal scene. I mean, only people who’re really deep in the underground will not be surprised as hell there’s some scene over there, and I’m afraid even among them only the few ones know anything about it. Anyways, to do it, visit terra incognita on the metal map of the world, we’ll move to two Caribbean islands, to be more precise Greater Antilles Archipelago. As first goes the one where Christopher Columbus landed December 6th, 1492. Hispaniola is divided into two separate nations: Dominican Republic and Haiti. Diablastador comes from this first mentioned country. The band was formed in 2012 in its capital and largest city. But the truth is it’s somehow the continuation of Lethaeus who existed since 2004. Well, actually this is the largest municipal area of the whole Caribbean with more than one million people. Anyways, a few years after the birth of the ensemble, the drummer moved to Argentina.

Maybe that’s one of reasons why just reviewing full-lengths is only the second stuff ever and between their debut album “Sacramentos Castrados” and “Regnum Nefario” was long five years’ pause. This fact (I mean Frank’s place of living) surely makes it also harder for them to play gigs. By the way, this album released independently June 18th, last year’s album contains intro, outro plus eight songs and take almost (without twelve seconds) thirty-four minutes. Well, somehow that’s what I always liked very much. Of course, only if both intro and outro are accurate and go together with stuffs’ common character. And in this case, this is like that in my opinion! But I won’t write anything more about this, that are some fragments of movies or so. And that’s everything I can tell you. Music itself is pure brutal, but also melodic in  its way art and mostly this is about death metal we have to do here with. It’s also very easy to recognize elements of black here. Well, if you ask me to precise it, then I tell you I have some association with the creators of “The Somberlain”” or “Storm of Light’s Bane”. Anyways, I can also hear quite huge influences (especially in some riffs, mostly on the beginning of songs, but not only of course) of thrash metal as well. The most thrash track is in my opinion “Sniffing the Void”. Touches of other genres of music are something you can also, if you listen to it carefully enough, notice here or there. Anyways, it happens really a lot when it takes lines of all instruments, but what I like is the fact guitar tricks, passages and so on serve to brutality, even if they create quite easy to go melody. Tempo is variable of course.  Most guys play in the middle one, but some moments of faster one happens and it’s not too rare, by the way. Another thing I really like is that my buddy Frank uses cymbals very willingly.

I think this album, just like the first one, is worth listening to and spending these ten bucks on. Of course, I know I’m probably a little bored with saying it so often, I hope some label will contact them to release both of their full-lengths also on CD. There’s maybe anything cutting-edge here, but this is still better, more interesting than a lot of bands coming from so called West and “Regnum Nefario” definitively deserves on it, especially I’m sure there’s still a lot of weirdos like me, not only in my age, who love physical copies and it’d be for them (us) great experience. But so far this is only a dream, and we need to enjoy what we can find only on several online platforms. And in my opinion the number of those who will do it, or maybe even fall in love with this stuff, should be quite huge.

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