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Lebel: Connuctione Incesta

Release date: November, 2023

We stayed for a while in the capital city of Chile. In my last review I wrote there’s really many good bands over there in Santiago. And here you get evidence of it. I know I shouldn’t, probably, write such things in the second sentence of this review, but what to do if I already did this? My only hope is you’ll, at least most of you, stay with my scribble a little more to let you know some details! Anyways, this one plays one of my good buddies, too. And Marco just sent me some, but still not too long, time ago this stuff for review. So let’s start it!

But before that I have to, I think, tell you a little bit about the history of the ensemble. Of course it’ll not be some boring as hell biography full of dates, names and so on. Well, just a few of the most important facts, because I’m afraid most of you have never heard even a word about them. Well, actually there’ll be only two. The first is a band that was formed 2000 with the name Haunted Christian, 2003 guys changed name for a present one. The second one is “Procesión de la Muerte” is their only second full length. And I assure you the reason isn’t changes in lineup or the fact guys are too lazy to create music. I have known Marco for several years and I know how hard they work. So why did Ignominia release only two albums in the space of twenty three years? Well, in my opinion the explanation is they’re coming from the “wrong” country and write lyrics in “wrong” language – Spanish. I’m sure if they were from the States or Sweden or wherever and would sing English then they’d be well-known for maniacs around the whole world, even if it was only underground maniacs. And what’s for sure the interest of labels would be huge then.The other thing is that the metal scene from this corner of the world was always quite hermetic. Well, I think there’s some kind of feedback loop here.

Ok, let’s talk about music itself now. This is worth your attention surely! “Procesión…” contains eight tracks of music you can only apparently describe with one word. I mean, this is with no doubt death metal as well. There’s everything that this genre should include – more or less broken riffs, guitar tricks, changes of tempo, growling and so on. In this case riffs aren’t as broken as in old Dutch or even Austrian style, more they’re in American or Scandinavian, first of all, Swedish, way. But they still have their own character and feel specifically, as for me, somehow dirty. With this word I mean common atmosphere. I have strong associations with some Brazilian legendary ensembles (both coming from Belo Horizonte, even if one of them moved to Sao Paulo early in its career). I doubt this is about guitar tuning or something. That’s one more reason I can quite clearly hear here touches on another sub-genres of our beloved music, what’s quite typical for bands coming from South America and makes their creativity unique and impossible to get wrong. Tempo is the most middle-fast, but of course guys know how to play faster. Also in drumming you can hear the influence of other music styles then only death metal. The same thing is about vocals. This is stricte death metal growling, but somehow it feels something more, too. Anyways, brutality and unbridled energy emanate from every entire note here.

Well, I of course could write even more about this album. But I think it’ll be better if I don’t do it and just let you taste this very fresh dish by yourselves. And I guarantee if you’ll do it (this is of course possible to find it online), then you definitely decide to have some physical copy of this stuff! And as I know you can make a choice between CDs released just a few days ago by the label who releases a lot of very good music and cassettes (I think there are some copies still available, even if the premiere was in November). The best thing you can do is to contact the band in this, and not only, case. And you don’t have to speak Spanish to do that. By the way, as soon as possible I’ll grab my CD because this is a really great album! Actually in my opinion every fan of death metal should have it in the collection as well.

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