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Label: P.O.G.O. Records / Forbidden Place Records

Date: December 11th, 2020

I should have known something will be off when I read noise rock as a genre reference to this Russian trio. Along with punk that gets thrown in occasionally, this couldn’t have gone right. And, surprise, surprise, it didn’t.

These guys dabble in a multitude of different musical spectrums on their third album, creating an incoherent and incomprehensive mixture that takes you from end to end without a concrete line to guide you through.

Within the forty-five minutes long record, you will find the following: hardcore, punk, stoner, noise, industrial, grind, post rock, post punk, new wave and likely a myriad of other styles I wasn’t capable of catching. Now, as individual tracks, these might do the job for the fans of one or the other separate genre. As a full album, it does not work. Not even close.

Especially “painful” to the ears is the closing, ten minute long, “Moscow does not believe in tears”. While it might take you to the demo days of Joy Division, it still drags into infinity, inducing loss of attention rather than the trance feeling of the infamous Brits.

The one thing that holds this piece of music together is the production which is kept purposefully lo-fi throughout. It does add some charm to the recording, but nothing more than that. Even the cover artwork implies the old demo quality, though it also has some charm to offer.

Other than that, this piece of music is a heat seeking missile, targeted at a specialized group of fans. I would recommend everyone reading this to try it out first before looking to splurge out some cash. You might like it, but you might also hate its guts.

For my personal taste Jars needs a blender instead of a duct tape to piece albums like this together.

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