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Label: Ashen Dominion

Date: September 15th, 2020

Short and simple, Khors just published one of the best releases of 2020. Certainly the best of their 16 years long career. And not just if you’re an eastern European black metal freak. Or black metal one, in general. I can easily see this record being among the favorites of many people into various different, not even extreme, metal subgenres. Doom, for example, or even progressive metal.

Now, since I’ve done the conclusion, let me explain myself.

“Where the Word Acquires Eternity” (because Ukrainian language is way too complicated for me) is an album of countless layers, where each and every one of them serves a higher purpose and contributes to the majestic wall of sound. The atmosphere portrayed can thus be compared to Opeth. Well, if Opeth went for black metal (or metal at all; beggars can’t be choosers with them nowadays). On the contrary to the famous Swedes, Khors keeps the momentum on the rise with black metal elements still prevalent. Even if intersected with acoustic, progressive parts on a couple of occasions. Also, while crafting atmospheric music, Ukrainians do not let any instrument “relax”, even for a moment. Nor do they allow themselves to fall into some meaningless raw version of black metal, where keyboard background leads the way. Keyboards are no background instrument on this record, though they are quite discretely interwoven within. If you just pay attention to their parts, you will clearly hear the mastery used in positioning its notes. What’s more surprising is the prominent use of bass guitar. Who would’ve thought it possible in such a genre, often strictly tied to guitars and keyboards? Speaking of guitars, Khors are not afraid to use very long and intricate solos, which work marvelously in accordance to elongated tracks. And before I scare you off, songs over six minutes long aren’t boring the listener. Not even for a second. As mentioned, layer upon layer of brilliantly executed music is the key to the new Khors album.

Now, what would a record like this be without a mesmerizing cover artwork? Well, it would still be an amazing record, but taking a glance at the work done here makes you realize just why Khors didn’t change the artist responsible for their last album. A giant crow lifting from smoking chimneys truthfully depicts the state of nature today. It is high time for nature’s wrathful revenge, so let “Where the Word Acquires Eternity” righteously be the soundtrack for the coming doom.

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