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Label: Novus Records

Date: June 26th, 2020

Whenever the band with a soprano appears on scene, unnecessary it is compared with Nightwish or Tarja Turunen. Of course, all the sopranos will sound similar, of course all the symphonic metal bands will sound the same, because you cannot reinvent the wheel! You can add some personal touch, some recognition mark and that’s it. No philosophy at all. So, I will not write Ravenlight sounds like Nightwish or Rebecca Feeney sings like Tarja Turunen because I could offend Simone Simons, Manda Ophuis, Sharon den Adel and many others.

As the sopranos are mostly the leading female roles in operas, it is natural that Rebecca took the main role in Ravenlight. Again, I have no intent to offend the other half of the band, guitarist/keyboardist John Connor, who is responsible for this project. He did a great job taking over several instruments. The third band member, not less significant is Michal Bugajski who had joined the band 2019. His drumming perfectly fits the band’s musical direction.

It is obvious that the band stands out with quality, at first with sensational operatic vocal. Young Rebecca should consider adding more power and passion to her performance, otherwise I have no objections. Technically perfect, but a bit dynamic would not heart anyone.

What I never liked in symphonic metal are overemphasized keyboards. Luckily, Ravenlight have found the right measure so I can say I like diversity of styles and tempo. Ravenlight strikes with fantastic, melodic, infectious notes whose pace suits me perfectly (“The Circle”, “The End Of The World”, “Sanctuary”, “Echoes” and “Words Unspoken”). Then, the band slows down a bit (“Where The Stars Grow”, “Strong Enough To Fall”). Fortunately, the band accelerates again with “The Wild Hunt”, “Edenfall” follows the pace and for the grand finale, Ravenlight left “Call Of The Wild”. And here we are again at the point where I have to aim the element that this album is desperately missing: wildness, passion, dynamic… Rebecca may be a shy person, but she should use the role she has in the band to release the other side of her personality. Then, all the elements will come together into a perfect whole.

Ravenlight is a a nursery of talents, ideas, seriousness, dedication… Highly recommended!


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