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Label: Iron Shield Records

Date: January 21st, 2022

Berlin has always been recognized by its vibrant cultural scene. But witch metal? No matter how silly it might sound, although Space Parasites are heavy/thrash metal, the guys (and a girl) like to designate their music as witch metal which leads us to their second album “The Spellbound Witch”. The album begins and ends with instrumentals. In between eight songs.

Spieglein, spieglein an der wand, wer ist die schönste im ganzen land?

Nadine Woelk’s (Danger Diene) could be easily considered for interpretations of Grimm’s fairy tales and listening to this album I just imagined her voice in some modern Schneewittchen (Snow White) version.

Musically the band has a lot to offer. They lean on 80ties sound, but they are smart enough to wrap it the way it sounds fresh and innovative. The band flirts with tempo change, so you will enjoy them playing with your nerve cells driving you at a roller coaster of rhythms. Great, melodic riffs, clash of British old school heavy metal with a power touch (“Crimson Eyes”, “Rot in Hell”, “…And Again”) and Teutonic thrash (“Enter the Void”, “Crimson Eyes”). And that is not the end because in “The Spear” you will recognize pirate metal elements with drink (sing) along parts.  All the instruments are involved with the right measure, nothing stands out excessively, and everything follows its natural course…

Along with aggression comes the romantic, dreamy approach highlighted by an acoustic guitar “…And Again” and “The Spear”.

From the glorious guitar solos (“Rot In Hell”, “Crimson Eyes”, “Cross the Line”, “The Spear”, “…And Again”), over  outstanding bass lines (“…And Again”) as well as acoustic parts (“…And Again”) to the infectious choruses from which “Cross the Line” (Leave it all behind, lies and hurt, Lay your heart in the hands of the river, You may cross it if you’d had the strength, Aim for it all, even if it makes you shiver ) and “The Spear” (Kingdom, The kingdom is lost, Long live the Queen, Still standing strong, Knight’s side by side, Kingdom, Protecting the land, Of my sister’s clans, Faithful to me, The Queen of the land) stand out you will enjoy in excitement Space Parasites delivers.

“The Spellbound Witch” is the album that will instantly get under your skin. The album might be described as organized chaos. And we have to love it…

“Cause we are
Heavy metal, heavy metal animals…”

Album highlights and personal favorites: “…And Again” and “Cross the Line”.

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