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Label: Art of the Night Productions

Date: April 14th, 2023

After almost two months, I am finally in my field of music. Even the birds on the trees know I am a folk metal fan more than anyone I know. Next to all the other bands I listen and subgenres this really amusing part of metal world really got my heart forever. People started to remember me randomly on social media whenever they hear even a small folk riff. So, no worries Ūkanose, I know what I am talking about when it comes to your new, second full length, called “Šiaurum Vėjum”.

All I knew from Lithuanian scene was Obtest and I am sorry if I forgot someone important, but it’s a new language to hear and try to read. It really fits here into the concept of Ūkanose’s work because it’s always more interesting to sing in local language. First, because of the music and subject this band represents, but also, it’s a way of taking care of your own country and folklore. For one nation it is important and some kind of obligation. All songs on the new album are in Lithuanian, which makes it more beautiful and fulfils its purpose.

The album opens with the song “Liūdna liūdna”, a classical and typical folk metal song by all criteria. From melody to atmosphere. On my first listening I almost dropped there and didn’t want to continue, but I felt sorry and said to myself not to be a stupid elitist. I know maybe too many similar bands like Ruyan, Grai, Svarga Feyd, but Ūkanose just fitting to the genre doesn’t mean it’s bad.

So, thanks to “Jievaru žydėsiu” I gave this band another chance. The song wakes up some patriotic charge inside of your body and makes you really proud and alive. Next to melody, vocals here make the biggest effect and that kind of atmosphere. Miss Andaja gave a mark to the entire story and refreshed the album.

Flute, piano, accordion and guitar make that specific folky atmosphere, especially in songs like “Samagonas” or “Leliumoj”. To be honest “Leliumoj“ has some Slavic vibe and one of the reasons why I can say this album maybe is typical but definitely something I would listen for a long time. You can freely dance to all these melodies, trust me I secretly did it. Not so much different from Russian or Ukrainian folk bands makes Ūkanose and its Baltic vibe really similar to Slavic folk melodies.

One fact that delighted me are the animations and drawings for all nine tracks on YouTube, in some form of short fairy tales. It’s really creative and it looks like a book. I am fascinated by old tales and village stories in general, so Ūkanose put big effort to get me back to childhood.

To have fun while you listen to music you really don’t have to understand a word and here that’s my case. The main feeling I had while listening is exactly this. Joy, fun and some kind of my Slavic pride. It’s true they are metal, but this is maybe better said folk music wrapped in a metal paper. Metal riffs here have a purpose to make this album more powerful and epic, but folk instruments are actually essential.

As Ūkanose said in an interview for, they are really more trying to represent their Baltic folklore than they are trying to be some metalheads here and I strongly agree. For fans of any kind of folklore myths, pagans or if you just love joyful melodies and you want to take a break from growling in metal, Ūkanose is a perfect band for you. Okay, this sounds like a commercial, but aren’t all reviews some kind of commercials?! Hold a beer and dance, Ūkanose will play.


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