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Label: Century Media Records

Date: July 29th, 2022

It is a cliché, but everyone’s going to start their review this way, so I’ll just come out and say it. Krisiun are the undisputed rulers of Brazilian death metal scene. Have been for quite some time now. Their name has a sanctified meaning to everyone familiar with Brazilian metal. Why not, South American metal even. Adding to this, the fact that they remained true to themselves for over three decades now, having made zero compromises, they’ve achieved a global career many can only envy.

Krisiun is making the same music they did back in the early 1990’s. They’ve slightly grown up and matured, but comparing “Mortem Solis” to “Black Force Domain” one can hear a clear connection. While that might be a double-edged sword, leading to pointless repetition, this trio avoids any such traps.

True, “Mortem Solis” is an exercise in pure old school death metal we all know and love. True, the album contains many of the tried and tested tricks of the trade. But, also true, it sounds fresh enough. It’s the riffs, the guitar parts, along with the bass that push through. These pieces, while being fairly traditional in origin, do not derivate from second-hand, already heard, wisdom of the ages. Okay, the drums are expected to deliver what we need, but there’s no big swerving around the traditions when it comes to this instrument in music which needs an old school foundation as strong as Krisiun does. Still, the drums deliver what’s needed and the strings push the lever up.

Considering what’s written above, I’m sure you all have a clear picture of what to expect of the new Krisiun record. As you did with “Scourge of the Enthroned”. As you did with “Forged in Fury”. As you did with “The Great Execution”… The new harvest of the old killer that comes out for a bit of a spree every few years.

Surprisingly enough, I found my personal favorites on “Mortem Solis” in the “slow” section of the record. “Necronomical” is a throbbing, pulsating, Dr. Frankenstein’s monster that comes alive and off we march into the horrors unknown. I did not get the lyrics sheet in the promo, but from what I can gather, and Mr. Alex Camargo is known for a very decent diction, they are the best match with the musical background Krisiun ever produced. Not counting the intermezzo that is “Dawn Sun Carnage”, it is the only track where the slower to mid-tempo parts prevail. Naturally, it wouldn’t be Krisiun if the song didn’t go full speed ahead at some point, but it still quite slow as opposed to what we assume Krisiun will create.

Of course, Krisiun is far from a band of hyped kids that cannot but go blasting through each and every wall around. The tracks on “Mortem Solis” are diverse enough which is yet another aspect that makes the Brazilians’ records stand out. The experience of all those decades behind them has taught them well and the trio is (ab)using all these skills to their advantage.

“Mortem Solis” is therefore a win-win record. It’s exactly what the fans want from Krisiun and it’s exactly what Krisiun want from themselves. No doubt, a successful album.

Oh, and that’s probably the finest piece of cover art Krisiun ever presented. It should gratify quite a few vinyl collectors out there.


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