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Label: Season of Mist

Date: March 5th, 2021

What a time to be a Greek metal enthusiast! Not long ago I had the opportunity to review the new album by Yoth Iria, comprised of two original Rotting Christ members. And now Nightfall rears from the depths once again. I wonder what Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh or Varathron are up to these days? Will we see the absolute domination of Greeks this year? Judging by the mentioned record and “At Night We Prey”, we’re off to a grand start! The pantheon arises!

Considering “At Night We Prey” one thing stands up above the others. The lyrical theme. I wouldn’t quite call it a conceptual record, but it is as close to it as possible. This time, Nightfall deals with depression. From a very personal perspective, Mr. Karadimas incorporated his own experience into a variety of wrappers to portray a seriously disturbed mind in dire need of assistance.

As this state of mental disorder has cost the world some irreplaceable personalities throughout the years, I feel it my duty to extend the message further. Seriously people, get help! I found that it could be helpful to just talk about it. Look to your friends or family. Let go of the stereotypes. You are not weak if you open up to somebody. In fact, it takes strength to do so. A whole lot of it! Defy the world that is smothering you by doing exactly what the same world thinks is shameful. There is nothing shameful in being emotional. It is what makes you human and not a beast. Furthermore, as this “disease” is spread around like you wouldn’t believe, it is highly likely the person you decide to open up to has been through the same issues you are having. Hence, a good way to share experiences and get a huge load of your back. Share it with a fellow human being.

If all else fails, go to a professional. Being depressed is an illness just as the flu, broken arm or this damn virus floating around us for the past year and more. And you wouldn’t deal with these problems on your own either, would you?

Hell, even this record might help quite a bit. Of course, if you’re into such music.

As far as “At Night We Prey” is concerned, the album is wonderful! It is the sound that made Nightfall the recognizable force they are. That Greek traditional melodic black metal, where a lot of primeval means of creation are taken and mashed up with many standard and not so standard ingredients into a form of highly sophisticated art. Basically, Nightfall’s style is one that makes the genre delve deeper into the emotional state of affairs. The aggression of the initial forms of black metal is channeled into a developed wrath pointed right where the band wanted it. However, it is not all about the rage. A display of various states of human feelings is fairly colorful on this record. “At Night We Prey” as a pressure vent for the band’s singer offers a lot that can release anyone’s pressure.

It is my perception that the musical side of the record is on the same track with the lyrical one. It hands out strength, as much as the sensitive passages. However, the prevalent idea is about the power unleashed from within. Hence, an album which exudes hope and salvation from the perilous depths of inner darkness. Presented in this epic ancient Greek atmosphere, “At Night We Prey” could easily make you feel as an invincible Spartan warrior. Capable of defeating whatever downfall you might be going through.

Art as an instrument of healing. Nightfall has created a record that will fit right up there with their classic records. No doubt about it, thirty years in, this band lost none of its potency. Literally!

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