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Label: Take It Or Leave It Records / Ragnarok Records / Doc Gator Records

Date: November 27th, 2020

I’ve been listening to progressive metal thanks to many musicians who are important figures in my life as a metalhead. I am pretty sure that in the recent times there are a lot of bands in Serbia who are, or at least trying to be good progressive metal bands. I have to say that a very few of them are successful in that job. I don’t even know why is thrash metal so popular in this area of the Balkans. Is it because of the simplicity of its sound, or the energy of “thrash ’till death” riffs? I have no idea.

I can say that Alitor are trying to combine these two together and also I can see that all of them are really big fans of the band Death. I didn’t even hear a tribute to Death covering riffs this much and this good. As a band they progressed from their previous material, but some things remained the same. Is it because of the attention of mostly younger audience, or their own music taste, we will find out from their gigs. Until then, here’s what I think.

As every song from this album, the first one has a really good intro. It creates a storm that is about to pummel my ears. And then it comes, the typical thrashing rhythm. Not bad, but thank the Gods for guitarists Jovan Šijan and Aleksandar Stevanović who broke the monotonous sound of thrashing. Solos as I said are really different and good, but maybe too much scales for the very first song. Vocals… I hope that the singer is not trying to sing as a vocalist of some new metalcore band. Because it sounds like that. “Present Tense” as a pure thrash metal song made me imagine a massive moshpit in front of me. But, as not that big of a fan of that genre, in my mind nothing left as big of an impression as the oriental solo, which reminded me of Silent Kingdom’s riffs which broke and covered every other thrash sound. “Homo Ignoramus” has a really good song title and the lyrics which act as a prelude to the main motive of the album – a war that every man has with his own demons.

I can see that Mr. Todorović has an intention to sing like Chuck Schuldiner, but mixed with his own technique, which makes him a unique singer among the metal hordes, but I can’t define it really. In one moment he fits perfectly, in the other I don’t like how it sounds. From my point of view he should use his own technique without any other and it would be perfect. “Euphoria” makes one good break from all the fast riffs. They used acoustic guitar really well in the beginning of it, creating a mystical atmosphere that leads us into the next song.

“Consecration”, well.. I must say this song is my favorite and the only one that I liked from the first to the last minute. Lyrics really showed how loving something guides a man through life and that love keeps us alive for a reason. I expected more from the music video though. The next song, guys, I would be more content if you let your singer do the job on his own, because I really can’t listen to Mr. Matković who is more and more trying to sing like M. Shadows. Maybe he can fit in an another album, but his appearance was unnecessary this time. The last song, is a pure Death experience in every part of it, from start to finish, especially having the vibe of the “Individual Thought Patterns” album. I think this was Alitor’s main inspiration, as usual.

Cover photo as I followed is really poetic and with a strong message that shows us that they are not one of those bands that only shred their instruments, but also put some philosophy in them like Opeth and Death. So, my advice from the listening – work on your originality and don’t let your energy ever fall down. I am sure that Alitor will stay “enlightened from the fire inside and that love will keep them alive, it will fuel their will and guide them through life”.

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