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Label: Self released

Date: November 11th, 2022

Here’s the reason why I’ve lost the majority of my interest in death metal. Here’s why I’m still impatiently waiting for the new Obituary record, almost entirely leaving aside the newborn acts on the scene. And below I will explain why the best tracks on this EP are the covers of the mentioned Obituary and another legend, Cannibal Corpse.

By the way, while I can understand why Antipathic felt the need to change the title of Cannibal Corpse’s “Covered in Sores”, to adapt the track to the concept of mechanized future, I see no real point in changing Obituary’s “I Don’t Care” to “I Don’t Give a Fuck”. Though that’s of lesser importance, it still bugs me. But that’s nothing compared to what this duo, aided by the session drummer, performed on “Infestation”.

First of all, a formal info is in order. Antipathic is comprised of two individuals separated by most of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. Namely, Mr. Giuseppe Tatangelo from Italy and Mr. Chris Kuhn from United States. Beating the skins instead of a computer, you will find Mr. Krzysztof Klingbein. A Pole to complete the international death metal syndicate.

“Infestation” is the band’s third EP, plus they’ve got one full length record, too. This EP in particular contains four tracks, though the promo package includes the previous EP as well. The explanation for this is that they will both appear on the CD version of “Infestation”. A good idea if you ask me, since both materials put together last about twenty five minutes, so the band will not waste too much plastic.

Whether the plastic in question will feel honored by having these eight tunes pressed on it, that’s a whole other matter.

Let me start by stating the obvious. Antipathic is a death metal band. As they themselves correctly declare, it is a mixture of traditional brutal death metal, primal grind core and slam. They’re mentioning bits of blackened thrash as well, but that’s not quite true. Well, perhaps a few moments that, combined, wouldn’t count for more than half a minute total. Instead, I’d like to note that piece in the title track that sounds very much like Pantera. But that’s the only place that bears resemblance to famous Texans, so deeper comparisons are out of question.

Antipathic’s influences aside, there really is little to take away from “Infestation”. The whole thing is easily forgettable. Literally, the one thing I’m likely to remember a few days (hours?) later will be that thing with naming the cover tracks.

That’s the only real fault I find with Antipathic. Massive though it is. There’s absolutely nothing catchy or memorable on “Infestation”. I mean, brutality is on the correct level, technicality is neatly toned not to overshadow the song structures, instrumentation is fine, but creatively speaking Antipathic is just not good enough. Perhaps the most successful in this regard, “Reversing Mechanistic Forms”, still falls short of being a stellar death metal monument.

What’s more, the whole thing, both EPs, sound somewhat mechanical. There’s this mechanical apocalypse that is the concept for the entire existence of Antipathic, so the sound pretty much goes along the same. However, I would definitely prefer a more organic soundscape. But that’s just the old me, searching for much more in death metal.

Basically, this is a death metal recording like many others. Uncritical fans of the genre might still enjoy it, though they’ve also got a massive plate of similar releases among which to choose. Whether this will fall into their laps is a huge roulette wheel. Still, I don’t see anyone rushing to the store in order to find the new Antipathic release.


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