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Label: Atomic Fire Records

Date: November 25th, 2022

After the band released their second album on November 25th they went on, as I heard, a very successful tour with Serious Black and promoted the album across Europe. Now, when the tour is over, I hope they have an army of fans behind. If you have not heard about the band yet, this review might help you to discover a really quality band from the 3rd generation of power metal (is it already?).

Although young, Induction caught the attention in 2016 when they released the first single “The Outwitted Consecration”. If the second single immediately showed the quality (the first one was released in 2015 – “Far Beyond the Horizon”), the natural flow led to extremely positive reviews on their debut album “Induction” (2019). In early 2022, the band signed with Atomic Fire Records and announced a new album with two singles: “Sacrifice” and “Queen of Light”. Back one more step in the past, the band was formed in 2014. After the first successful album and tour with Armored Dawn, the band started from the ashes. Tim Hansen disbanded the band, and what we have in 2022 is new line up with Mr. Hansen as the only constant. Now, Craig Cairns is on vocals, another guitarist, Marcos Rodriguez, Dominik Gusch on bass and Dominik “Dome” Zester on drums are creating the, as I see and hear, very bright future not just for the band, but the genre in general.

“Born from Fire” delivers 12 majestic songs packed in 58 minutes. And the songs, as the Tim Hansen says, are:

“We tried to deliver a good mix of big hits, great melodies, emotions, brutal anger, intricate riffs and arrangements as well as a ton of fun while listening. We are sure this album will convince old and new fans alike of what Induction means. We sincerely hope that everyone finds themselves in some of the songs… “

From the album cover, signed by Peter Sallai you can just guess that this will be a pretty much bombastic release. Compared with the previous one, this album is more melodic, catchier and I would say happier. But in the first place, it sounds somehow fresh.

On this album, Hansen is the only songwriter.

“Born from Fire” hits out of nowhere, an absolute killer, refreshing song with orchestral elements well incorporated with amazing guitar solos, keyboard sections and weird futuristic parts that I immediately buried in the back of my mind. But, put everything aside, with the respect of each member of the band, Craig Cairns simply colors this album in the best possible way.

The next one, “Scorched”, is the longest one on the album, with hard hitting drums, outstanding guitar riffs and choral singing. There is something familiar with Craig’s vocals, and the more I listen to the album the more I see similarities with David Baßin. For me, vocals play a big role. You can have the best lyrics, the best music, the best idea, but if the vocals do not fit, you simply fail. Craig is the great singer and the great choice for Induction. In this song besides clean vocals, we have very well incorporated a growl part. Guitar solo is simply amazing.

“Now is the time
Time for a new beginning
Leave all behind
Chasing the dream of paradise

Now is the time
Time for a new beginning
Leave all behind
Chasing the dream of paradise…”

is simply one of many earworms on this album.

“Fallen Angel” again delivers great guitar riffing, and the vocal performance reveals pure emotion. At least in the first two verses. Chorus is a bit “happier”; the third verse brings back a melancholic tone. Overall, this song is a rollercoaster of emotions and dynamic with premises of pop sound.

“Go to Hell”, according to band’s words:

“‘Go To Hell’ appeals to unshackling the minds from religious boundaries – or any for that matter – and finding truth and power in yourself. It appeals to a world without oppression and people of power abusing their position to their benefit. But it also appeals to the listeners to realize their full potential and take responsibility for their actions, standing up against the demons they face in everyday life.”

And somehow, judging by the current situation, mankind should really do a serious reset or whatever is happening now might be just a step closer to destruction. The overall performance with oh oh oh parts and kind of happy melody somehow does not go along with the serious topic. But if you separate those two parts, you will get a very catchy song.

“Embers” is a song dedicated to the late Alexi Leiho. Tim Kanoa Hansen explains:

“‘Embers’ is the reflection of his influence on both my songwriting and guitar playing. This is my way of paying tribute to one of my heroes. ‘Embers’ doesn’t only reflect Alexi’s writing style put into Induction’s context, but also lyrically, it’s about the passing of great people and heroes and letting them live on in our memories. ‘Embers’ is also presented together with a music video, which represents the lyrical topic of evanescence and postmortem.”

The musical influence is obvious, especially in recognizable keyboard parts.

“Order & Chaos” is the song about which you can only say: anthem!

“Queen of Light” is a song with tempo changes. It is a bit heavier, with great melody and pounding drumming and at the same time so calm and melodic with the most versatile singing approach and intervention of orchestral parts. But, again, let the band speak:

“‘Queen Of Light’ takes you on a melodic journey through the power metal universe, with stories of betrayal, passion, lost love, new beginnings, and the hope for a bright future. It was one of the very early songs written with the outlook for the sophomore album, and it went through many changes and revisions, before it was finally in the state it is now. We are very happy how it turned out and therefore invite you to listen to, enjoy, cherish, and share it to your hearts’ content.”

“I am Alive” is my absolute favorite, not because it is the best quality song of this album (and it is not), but it reminds me why I love metal. And it has some nostalgic vibe especially in the way the chorus is sung.

“Ghost of Silence” in the beginning is a bit calmer, again Craig involves emotion in vocal performance; chorus is the one you will easily remember, but… If the acoustic part that is interwoven with Craig’s whispering supported by choir and oh yeah sigh in the end that is close to the border of what Germans call Kitsch you can not consider yourself as a power metal fan.

“Eternal Silence” involves piano, but what other instrument can you use if you are so lost in the darkness you can’t find your way out, you can’t see, you can’t feel and there’s no one around… This is the song when we, the old ones, would take lighters out of our pockets at the concert… And somehow, but somehow, this song has a Christmas vibe. And somehow, just somehow, I perceive it as the last song. Maybe the band could just rotate “Eternal Silence” and Sacrifice and that would be the perfect order. Ok, I know that “Sacrifice” is remastered and by some unwritten rule it has to be the last one, but I would leave “Eternal Silence” to close the album.

Now, it is clear. While listening to this album, I got gooseflesh I have not felt since I heard HammerFall for the first time. Induction is the band that will inherit the masters of the genre. Although young, Hansen has a very mature approach in every aspect. We can say he has good DNA, and close this story. But, their story is just beginning. Induction are opening a new chapter in the history of heavy metal.

Not to curse the band with eulogies at the very beginning of their career… One suggestion, idea, observation, personal opinion, call it however you want… The band served a great portion of epic orchestration. Obviously it gives another dimension to an album.  In the future, I would involve the orchestra instead of keyboards in the purpose of a more massive and pompous experience.

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