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Label: Pure Steel Records

Date: May 28th, 2021

Before I start reviewing this album, may I ask you to read an interview with Roberto Micini Quaglia? (

Iron Jaws is Italian band that has been active for over 15 years, but in the past seven years they were hibernating, at least from a discography perspective. And now they are here to declare the war.

Very effective come back in any sense of that word. The third album might be the strongest one, so it seems seven years were enough to create and deliver a killer album. Well, don’t think those are just empty words. To start with the album cover. This soldier looks like he is made for Iron Maiden’s album cover, but Iron Jaws were faster. Musically, the album might be described the best as speed metal clashes thrash metal clashes heavy metal.

The first song and my absolute favorite is “Satan’s Bride”. As Roberto Micini Quaglia said in already mentioned interview:

“It started from the intro riff, the idea of having a song that punches in your face immediately. Then the chorus riff somehow called for the word “Burn” to be there, and there we realized it had to be about witches burning at the stake! A lot of other bands have sympathy for witches, we do not have any! Burn them now! They are dangerous, man.”

From the start you can hear that production is improved. Iron Jaws delivered old school sound well dealt with modern technology, so the songs despite the old school spirit sounds fresh.

“Speed Metal Commando” continues at the same pace. Overall, Iron Jaws will drive you from the first to the last riff through the finest ultra-blasting, melodic and catchy riffs. “The Brawl” will thrill you with the great bridge, while “The Hell of Boilin’ Metal (Big Trouble In Chinatown)” will show you the band’s influences go in the direction of Sodom among the others, here specifically I point on “Ausgebombt”. And while I was listening to this song, I instantly remembered the cult movie with Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun and James Hong (Big Trouble in Little China). With pounding drums, Iron Jaws will declare the war in the next title song “Declaration of War”. And now I am starting to think how those guys have the crazy energy I have recognized in Tankard. If they don’t hit you enough with “Ton of Bricks” you are absolutely not made for thrash metal at all. “Evil Bringer” has amazing guitar riff supported with pounding drumming, great melody and harsh dominating vocals with great choral sections. “Idiot’s Prophet” points to religious extremism, and once again I will quote Roberto:

“Do you want to be an idiot bigot and go around killing because of some old belief? Well, come on, we are ready to declare you war!”

As I already recognized Tankard’s energy and charm, I have to say I am very happy the guys go in the same direction as Tankard again if we are talking about the song titles, abbreviation B.M.W. (as funny as thrash metal can be) hides “Black Metal Wheels”. “Grandier’s Damnation” starts a bit slower, but evil laughter warns you of fury.

“Back on the Hunt” might be the song where Andrea Mixy Finotti showed his vocal diversity the most, from clean to scream/growl. The song has galloping rhythm, and great choral parts.

The last one, and my absolute favorite, besides already mentioned “Satan’s Bride”, “Horns Up For Metal” is a song made for live performances and big festivals, a true metal hymn! 

“That song was written in 2018 by Mauser after we came home from the show in the Juz Live Club in Andernach (Germany) where we played at the IRONHAMMER FESTIVAL along with such bands as Night Demon, Stallion, Midnight Rider, Screamer, Wildrider Wolfen and Sex Gepard. That was our first time in Germany… The audience gave us a solid response and we were very excited! The song pays homage to the metalheads that came to see us and is an anthem to the music that we love! It’s the longest tune of the record because it tells an “on the road” story that starts from the travel and ends up with the gig… Everyone who feels the spirit of metal as a way of living can identify with the lyrics. Musically, it drives a very classic vibe and we can’t wait to hear the people to sing along the chorus with us!”

So… Raise your glasses and sing!

“Horns up for metal,
screaming loud for more,
metal is forever…”

Speed metal commandos from Piemonte declared the war after a seven years of break, the war for thrash metal, and they won!

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