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Label: Napalm Records

Date: February 26th, 2021

A couple of days ago I have reviewed the new regular album by the Portuguese masters. I have mentioned that on the same day as the album Moonspell is putting forward another release. An EP this time, featuring one new song and a bunch of live recordings.

Now, why “The Great Leap Forward” hasn’t made it onto “Hermitage” is beyond me, as it fits quite nicely with the rest of material from the album. Aside from the fact that the loyal fans now need to go looking for the new issue of Legacy Magazine. Basically, drop another few bucks for one more song.

Oh, and four live tracks…

One of which is a song off “Hermitage”, one off “The Antidote” and the classics, “Opium” and “Alma Mater”.

So, the short verdict, if you are a devoted fan and collector of Moonspell, you need to get this CD. Otherwise, your collection will not be complete. Much like with all those Japanese bonus tracks of yesteryears.

I have nothing but respect for the band. Decades of excellent music are behind them, all experiments included. Whichever way they turn, it seems their creative genius transcends the lines set by themselves. Wherever the horizon may appear, they will try and reach it. And go beyond.

That is what makes a band great. And Moonspell is definitely a great band. A legend that went way beyond the borders of a country previously unmapped on the global metal scene.

It is, however, moves like this one that will taint the picture. At least in my eyes.

Apart of that, the new track is quite good, the new album is keeping up with the high standards of Moonspell.

Nothing further, you honor.

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