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Label: Erinnys Productions / BMC Productions / Kvlt und Kaos Productions

Date: April 14th, 2022

I think it’s time to move to the country where’s one of the best, or even the best, metal scene in the world. And I deeply doubt this is only my opinion, perhaps connected with the fact that one of the very first bands I fell in love with came from there. It was 1987 and the band’s debut album called just the same like the ensemble calls itself – Attomica. Actually Morcrof comes from the same state as Attomica does. But my metal brother Paulus who’s the only original member of Morcrof lives in the largest city of South America. Anyways, this year it’s the thirtieth birthday of the band and the gift they have for all of us is their… third (fifth when we count live albums) full-length. Of course they have a lot of releases, but the most that are demos and EPs. Well, it seems they had no luck with labels at all. Don’t ask me what the reason of this state of things was, I can only suppose why this group is practically unknown in Europe (and I somehow feel the situation isn’t much better even in Brazil).

The first explanation the most, or at least some, of you probably got is a fake one. Music has good quality. The fact is it’s not very easy in perception, even if there’s a lot of melody in that. But this melody is at the same time twisted and surely morbid. So that’s the main obstacle, I think. Besides, such creativity was never very popular among metalheads over there, as I know. Well, I guess it actually takes all corners of our planet. And lyrics written in Latin can also have something to do with that. By the way, “De Pessimism…” contains eleven compositions of music inspired first of all by Black Metal, but not only. I can also hear some elements of Doom Metal as well. This is not about some funeral, depressive playing at a snail’s tempo with two chords repeated for eternity. Well, this is mostly slow one here and only sometimes becomes a little faster. Riffs, in spite of preferences, change quite often and are in the most twisted. This feeling enhances by drums’ work with a lot of cymbals. Here, but also in some guitar parts, I hear some kind of fascination with jazz. Everything is seasoned by keyboards which play an important role in this music, even if mostly you don’t recognize their participation – they’re in the background, absolutely aren’t pushy and just help to create the right atmosphere. We have some instrumental songs on here and the first one begins with an invocation which looks for some kind of prey. The same is with the last track, but here we haven’t got a “typical” song at all. However, invocations happen also in other songs. I will not tell you which one(s) I mean, to force you to careful listening of Brazilians’ creation.

Generally it’s not too easy to compare Morcrof with other, more well-known, bands. It is of course possible to find some similarities to this or another group, but since I never was fan of such comparisons you have to do it yourselves. The best will be if you buy a CD for sure. Album is available on some internet platforms with videos, the first one which was created and maybe even the biggest one, but to support the scene you need to be at least a little active and don’t be bloody cheapskates!

On the end of this review I need to apologize to Paulus. I didn’t write anything bad about this album. I really tried to do it bro, I tried to find some weaknesses I could write shits about, but unfortunately “De Pessimism Philosophiam Et Dogma Nihilistic” is a bloody masterpiece in my opinion and I’ll tell even more: I like this very much. I know that’s one more proof I should be taken to a mental hospital and never again leave this place (well, maybe after a lobotomy it will be possible to let me go on walks in the yard), but since any psychiatrist knows my address or even e-mail then I’m still safe and will torment you with my reviews until I die!


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