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Label: Duplicate Records

Date: April 16th, 2021

Expecting spring in my room I was choosing some music to listen just to feel that time of the year but random choice of Vetter pulled me back to winter and cold days full of snow. When someone is making music through which you can feel something from real life around you, he is on the right path of good musician and artist generally.

Knowing about this one-man band before, I wasn’t surprised by anything I’ve heard. After a long time since the last full-length “Av sublim natur” is a big comeback. I am not saying it’s much different from a lot of other black / folk bands from Norway but certainly deserves a place among all of them because it’s not so monotonous.

As a person who got used to Darkthrone and Burzum riffs, if we are talking of pure black metal projects, Vetter is far different then. Yeah, I can see some inspiration taken from black metal giants but not that much and that’s good. Song “Kraken” is that kind of pure black with psychedelic parts and when you are listening to this song in the dark, as I did, fear is all you have in your head. Great effect, I am delighted. Psychedelic part in combination with stoner parts of drums and guitars is telling us this man is a big fan of Black Sabbath.

As the album was going on from the first song, Norwegian black metal was less present and that gave a special atmosphere here. By the song “Av sublim natur” I was a little bit disappointed by the production and a boring sound but as time passed I changed my mind. My intuition about stoner parts was right and in second song we have stoner / doom perfect show with minimal vocals. Perfect combination, I must admit.

I didn’t understand a lot of the lyrics, there wasn’t that much of singing but the subject is clear. Inspired by beautiful nature of Norway and old times of their history, Vetter presented his admiration to all that Gods created. A lot of people still say where is folk in all of this, except the subject… Well, the term of folk metal is big and context used here is in ancient folk atmosphere, not just music.

Graphic of cover photo is amazing. It is totally matched with darkness and heaviness of the album itself. That sun hidden between trees and a forest which has a lot of stories to tell, meaning full of mysticism and darkness.

I am delighted to hear new Vetter and I am sure that he is leaving his own trademark in the big book of black metal history.

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