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Label: Putrid Cult

Date: February 19th, 2021

In these cold nights everywhere you look you see silver shine of the frozen ground and the full Moon which is calling you to join his journey. Full moon in Slavic folklore has a special place. “Vukodlak”, or the werewolf, half-man, half-wolf is walking somewhere in the woods led by the voices of the dead. He is searching for new victims for Nav, the underworld. As the “Fear of the Dark” says: “I have a constant fear that someone’s always near”, yes, some red eyes and excellent scent can smell your high blood pressure and you can literally feel that he is fed by your fear.

This is how the art design of “Wrath” inspired me but that is not all.

I ran on this band accidentally. On my misfortune I haven’t heard of the band before. I can tell you, these Polish werewolves are awesome.

I was very delighted to hear a mystic beautiful melody at the beginning called “Mortal” and the wind behind it. It made a fairy-tale atmosphere before pretty classical black metal intro. I walked through the night with one of my favourite mythical creatures. Melody of epic guitar riffs with this rough voice is one tough combination.

There isn’t much difference to typical black metal through most of the album but guitars in “Wilczy taniec” changed my mind. These gentlemen know how to make a solo that brought big refreshment to the album. I was amazed!

Another good thing about this album is that every instrument, including the voice, is used equally, solid production made a material of good quality in black metal world. You have one new fan.

A clock above my head is showing midnight, world from the other side of the bridge is opening, all the darkness is coming to us, talking us with “Wrath” and that’s the main feeling that I had listening to the last song.

I didn’t like the vocals during the listening but by reading the name of the songs and the album that anger in voice made a full impression of what Szary Wilk wanted to say. If werewolves come to my window I will let them take me with them.

I am curious if the Nav or hell are that scary as I thought or less evil than this album is. If Dajbog asks me why am I there I will say that Szary Wilk is guilty for that and I won’t be sorry. 

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