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Label: Goat Throne Records

Date: December 13th, 2020

Hear ye, hear ye, the oldest of extreme metal maniacs! This will bring back memories of your youth. It will make you remember back when you got your first home dubbed tapes of future legends.

Nostalgia kicks in full with Hexorcist and their debut demo recording, aptly named “Bestiarum Vocabulum”.

Though spawned in 2019, this material sounds and feels as if we’re back in the mid 1980’s. Back when Slayer started out. When Florida stood for death metal. When extreme metal was still in its infancy and brought a whole new dimension to the entire genre.

Quite literally, upon the first note of this demo, you must be thinking of Slayer and their first records. “Show no Mercy” and “Hell Awaits”, to be exact. Even “Reign in Blood” fails in comparison with the sheer ferocity of “Bestiarum Vocabulum”. Combined with the earliest death metal bands, such as Possessed, Morbid Angel and even a hint of Deicide. And then you add the absolute bestiality of early Sarcofago, Blasphemy. With the dense atmosphere of the first Celtic Frost effort to round the whole.

Just under ten minutes of complete and utter devastation. I almost feel ashamed by listening to it on my computer, since the promo came in electronic form. This material belongs on a tape. No, not even vinyl will cut it. Cassette is the one and only format for this kind of recording. Together with xeroxed, hand-crafted, cut and paste cover. Nothing else will come even close to presenting such music as it should be presented.

Extreme death / thrash metal bludgeoning is what you get on this demo. If you are looking for literally anything else, skip this and avoid the mere mentioning of their name. On the other hand, if you were a scrawny teenager, hand-painting your t-shirts and denim vests with logos of your heroes, exchanging tapes of the brand new records… This one is for you! And only for you, original headbangers!

Get it on tape!

Even better, dub it yourself, copy the cover and play it as loud as possible.

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