Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Canada’s Sadistic Embodiment unleashed their new album “Blood Spell” this past September via CDN Records. The full length follows the band’s three EP’s “Beloved Imprisonment” (2019), “Blodörn” (2018), and “Self-Titled” (2018).

Featuring nine beastly tracks, vocalist/guitarist Jason Cullen is sharing with fans a growler of a playthrough for the band’s “Gallows Hills”.

Cullen adds:

“I deliver a distinct midrange old school thrash voice on this crossover death-thrash banger. The song’s high energy delivery is assisted by our bassist Curtis Vieville and guitarist Wally Fischer’s death screams and growls right off the bat (“BLEH!!”) and during the chorus.”

Sadistic Embodiment continues their sonic onslaught, each of the nine songs on “Blood Spell” has a distinct feel given the variation in vocal and instrumental styles throughout the album. Each track stands out and yet they are all uniquely Sadistic Embodiment. This will please old school death metallers and the new school with a variety of punch-in-your-face hooks, melodic passages, and absolutely brutal anthemic choruses.

The band comments on the album:

“After spitting out three EPs this last couple of years, we were really stoked and kind of nervous settling into a longer writing and recording process for Blood Spell. As per usual, we cranked out the material during bi-monthly jams, but this time we really took our time crafting the music once the main structure of the songs was built. Our sound is still exactly the same, but the listeners may hear more broad musical influences across the nine tracks. There are tracks that sound distinctively Wally and Jason and certain tracks where you really hear Bryan shine as he shows off his technical prowess.

A lot of our songs are longer than your average death metal track, and they are relatively simple in regards to guitar and lyrical work. But with longer playtime, we were able to fit in more ambiance and guitars solos into every nook and cranny.”

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