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Label: 7hard Records

Date: August 14th, 2020

As far as I know, the seas surrounding Greece and its islands are not infested by piranhas. Therefore, there were just two ways I could approach this release before actually giving it a spin. It was either heavily influenced by Exodus, or the movie franchise. As it turns out, neither of my assumptions were true. At least not at this point in the band’s existence.

Looking into the past is quite a task, speaking about Piranha. They were formed way back in 1987! So, they were around to see metal music evolve, dissolve and resurrect a couple of times over. The band’s own history is a turbulent one as well. The band managed just one full album before it was disbanded in 2001. And it took them eleven years to release that one too. The one I’m writing about is their second and the first new music they have released since they have arisen from the shadows. At least some of it is, as there are songs on the record that appeared on previous releases.

So, what does it sound like? That’s the tricky question.

Upon first seconds of the album, one is clearly thinking of Bay Area thrash metal. Then the reverberated growls step into play and immediately you start thinking of legendary Possessed. But then you come to track number two, “Eternal Night”. Never mind the corny title, as there are many on this record. But within the song, you find a chorus that is supplemented with a choir background. Sounds intriguing and actually quite interesting. But that is not the only variation to the standard of the death thrashing genre. Somewhere around the middle of the song, there is a slowed down section that offers a traditional heavy metal melodic section with an added guitar solo, just before it all explodes back to remorseless pounding.

The song actually gives you a decent hint into what you can expect from the entire album. Sure, there is some keyboard background to be introduced here and there, but these are subtle additions. Those give out an epic vibe that should broaden the horizons to which Piranha strives. To tell you the truth, while the keys are at it, I get a Nightfall vibe, especially when they are coupled with those classic metal melodies. As you see, it is nigh impossible to avoid coupling this album to the band’s famed countrymen. Even some later era Rotting Christ is evidently an influence. There’s also an acoustic segment within the song “Reborn” that makes me think of Iced Earth.

Still, the album remains prevalently within the death thrash spectrum. Enhanced, surely, for additional value. Truth be told, without the enhancements, “Arise From The Shadows” would fail masterfully. This way, Piranha manages to captivate the listener. Without trying to make the album sound like a timeless masterpiece, it still remains a record well worth investing your time and money. Creative solutions presented by the Greek quartet definitely marks that there is hope they will arise from the shadows and into the bigger leagues.

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