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Release date: June 18th, 2021

Label: Iron Shiled Records

Loud and clear! From the album title, you know Germans hit their third album.

Over two minutes long intro “Intruders” crushes bones from the very first riff. As expected from a thrash metal band, Ravager delivers aggression, fast and furious beats, excellent guitar shredding, killer vocals. From the song titles (for example: “Planet Hate”, “Priest Of Torment”, “A Plague Is Born”, “The Third Attack”, “Beyond Reality”, “My Own Worst Enemy” or “Destroyer”) it is clear what the lyrics are focused on.

Ravager is cutting with razor sharp and brutally honest lyrics.

“Death, chaos, destruction, pain,
It’s the world we’re living in,
Hate, murder, violence,
It’s a world of ignorance..”

On the other hand, they were never afraid to show their fun side “Back To The Real World”. Obviously, the guys need what we all do… Gigs, beer, enjoying life… Out into life, out on stage, party! Party! Party!

Ravager, in general, delivered the finest traditional thrash metal sound. Maybe the most “surprising” song is “Destroyer”, epic by its length (8 minutes), and full with twists and turns, from acoustic intro that is overtaken by galloping rhythm to classical heavy metal influences. Overall, the album is more versatile than previous ones. A lot of influence is involved which would give, if we would mark the album (thanks to metal gods, we do not do that) one plus will go for versatility. The guys remained loyal to the roots, but added more heavy and even groovy rhythm. Some speed metal elements are incorporated too, mostly Slayer inspired ( “Beyond Reality” and “King Of Kings”).

I would say this is so far the best Ravager’s album, aggressive and fast, uncompromising, serious but yet fun. Compared to previous albums, this album is obviously the best Walsrode team could deliver. The guys are progressing, working on themselves, so the quality and success shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Referring to the album cover, I can quote Marcel Lehr, and if you are interested you can read the interview here:

“The cover shows a fictional planet and our band mascot “Keule” who somehow crash landed there and now has to fight aliens and UFOs and stuff… But of course he will never give in and can not be destroyed.”

After you hear this album, with no doubts, you will know that German thrash metal scene has a bright future.

I have heard a lot of young thrash metal bands in the past few years and to be honest, all were mediocre. Ravager is the one of the rare bands that brought me a fine dose of optimism and I can freely say they might be the bearers of the scene in the decades to come.

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