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Label: Iron Shield Records

Release date: September 21st, 2021

The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw TormentoR’s promo was W.A.S.P.’s song “Tormentor” and I simply couldn’t get out of my head:

“I’m a liar and I’m a cheat
I have no morals and I’m a thief
Pillage and plunder, curse those who enter
I am a killer and Tormentor.”

But, since we are talking about thrash metal,  Kreator’s “Tormentor” fits better, right? At first, you might be confused which band we are talking about, since as I count, there are 20 (!) bands that play under the same name, and “only” 14 are focused on thrash metal. Our heroes come from Guben, Brandenburg. The band was formed in 2006, and “Crown of Shame” is their fresh EP. Shall I mention that Max Seipke (vocals, guitar)is a son of Peter Seipke (former lead vocalist of Scram)?

Five songs under 30 minutes sounds promising. The EP “Crown of Shame” follows “Violent World” (2012) and “Morbid Realization (2017). “Welcome to the Depressive Age” is an album opener. From the very first riff and scream, you will clearly know what you are dealing with. Aggression, not depression! With very strong lyrics and message it delivers, guitar solo is an absolute winner of this song. “Crown of Shame” is very effective song, with great guitar riff and rageous vocals.

“Call to Arms” is chosen as the first single, the shortest song of the EP. “Slaved to the Core” is opened by tremendous drumming and bass parts while the rest of the crew is gradually stepping in. In the end, we have, if I may say, an epic song (9:35). “The Burden and the Grief” is the most variable song on this EP. It is totally unexpected after four songs that obey pure energy to calm down and go into a different direction, from thrash metal to doom metal. This song has maybe the darkest, the deepest, the wisest lyrics.

What I always pay attention to if we are talking about thrash metal are the lyrics. If we are focused on TormentoR’s lyrics, there are a plenty of strong, painful, honestly sharp verses, I will pick only a few:

“There’s no God exist in my life,
For every step I pay my own price,
Regrets make no fucking sense to me…”

(Crown of Shame)

“The more I trust, the more I bleed,
The more I pray, the more my kneel,
So I trust keep waiting, waiting for the better day to come.”

(The Burden and the Grief)

If I would search for a hair in the egg, that would beaproduction. One is sure: the band that grew up playing metal (the guys were only 14 when they formed the band) can fail or shine. Guess where TormentoR is? 

If you missed any of TormentoR’s previous releases you should take a lesson of aggression!


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